This has been a long week  

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9/8/2006 9:11 am

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This has been a long week

My gig lives and breathes by quarters of the year--this is near the end of Q3. This week has seen a lull in my flying to far off lands. Though I've complained about all the travel, I'm feeling itchy about getting back on the road because I have so much stuff being juggled. That and when I'm home, my day is filled with admin, conference, and client calls. These at-home days seem to dragggggg on but then suddenly they are over.

Take today. I'm up at 4am to call places overseas and then as the New World wakes up, the calls shift towards home. Each call is it's own individual contribution and each saps energy, but then I look up, like now, and discover half the day is done.

And there so much more to do.

There's a movie out there staring Gweneth Paltrow and Ben Afleck...a cheesy romance movie really. There's this scene where Afleck tell Paltrow, "I really want a somebody that would be a last call of the day." That line gets me...a last call of the day. Having something like that would make these kind of days really worth it.

But then I expose myself for being a romantic...isn't that almost as bad as being a liberal?

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