The problem with cliches is that they always have some truth  

rm_James20910 52M
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12/16/2005 11:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The problem with cliches is that they always have some truth

I feel like I'm living a cliche--guys so horny that they would be with damn near anybody or anything. I wouldn't (because I have fairly normal tastes, ethics, morals and standards) but I sense the urge to mate like a newly released felon after years of incarceration.

The gig that keeps a roof over my head has been flying my carcass all over the place for the past year and it's been a long time since I've done anything with a member of the fairer sex.

Now that its chilled out for the holidays, I find myself enjoying some respite. But it's also giving me time to contemplate my inaction.

Damn...I'm pretty freak'n horny. There's no question about it. I've been so busy doing stuff and now that I have the slightest breather, I feel like a guy that's just been released from prison. It's a good thing my neighbor lady is like 90 and treats me like one of her grandsons.

(now I'm beginning to offend myself...I think it's probably better to stop writing now before I cause the rest of the FF crowd to get the willies).

FeistySyn 52F

12/17/2005 11:02 am

Definitly making me laugh, love your sense of humour ... thanks for the chuckles at a very stressful time of year


Apparently the depth of depravity here is bottomless... don't you feel right at home?

rm_James20910 52M
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12/17/2005 3:10 pm

Thanks, I try to do my best.

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