I just wrote this someplace else and thougt it brilliant enough to post here  

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I just wrote this someplace else and thougt it brilliant enough to post here

Yeap...I'm a political goober. I can poli-geek with people for long stretches of time and I guess I qualify as a lib. I've always thought myself to be a pragmatic centrist but under the current climate, it seems the political center has shifted wildly to the right. I was completely against our little fight in Iraq--I just couldn't buy the goods being sold by the cabal in the white house simply because they never provided any shred of hard evidence that required immediate armed intervention. I did on the other hand fully support our venture in Afghanistan and was pleasantly surprised how quickly that government fell due to our modest support of Northern Alliance warlords--the Taliban supported Al Queada and I only wish we could have captured or killed more of them.

The connection with AdultFriendFinder is that I could only see myself involved with a woman that shared and appreciated my political thinking.

Anyway, here's the post I wrote:

Yes...they do hate us. And it's not our freedom, or our social/political organization, or any of that crap our esteemed admin has claimed.

They don't even hate us for religion...jews, christians and muslims are all people of the book.

The reason they hate us is very simple. If God favored them with the last prophet and correct dogmatic understanding of the universe, then is goes without saying that God chose them over others. Yet for the past 500 years Islam has been steadily experiencing an entropic dissolution that has left them steadily more vulnerable to those that God did not choose to gift. Even in a period when they have control over the world's most important commodity and their coffers are overflowing with cash the vast majority of Muslims live in a type of poverty of the mind and body equivalent to forth world status.

Understanding why they hate us gives us better tools to turn that hate and it's something we need to do.

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