I just met the coolest, neatest woman  

rm_James20910 52M
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12/18/2005 12:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I just met the coolest, neatest woman

I am totally a physical mess...hair is all a kimble, and sweat has started to dry. The neat lady has already left for home and I walked her out to her car and made sure she got off ok.

I am totally jived...maybe even completely jived.

I'm not sure jived is a real word, but you probably get my drift.

There was great conversation. We both consider George Bush to be a complete failure. We talked about art, live theater and music, walking through DC's fantastic museums, kids, teaching...a bunch of very cool stuff.

And then she cupped my ear and whispered that she wanted to "Fuck my brains out." I did the whole coy thing where I said "Maybe next time." I think she took it as a challenge because she just made it abundantly clear we were gonna just do it and there wasn't gonna be any obstacles to us doing it either if we were in the bar or on my bed.

I should add that I love kissing and making out. You can find everything out about a person with a kiss. You can uncover whether they are are trusting, generous, sensual...all sorts of stuff. This woman I was with tonight could really kiss--she said with her kiss that she needed affection, that she knew about her body, and wanted to give herself to me and me alone.

Without getting into a whole Penthouse Letter thing we ended up at my place and basically painted the town red, and silver, and a bunch of other colors you see when you get your brains...well...um...you get the picture.

She accomplished her goal. I haven't the faintest clue what I did to deserve any of it? I also haven't the faintest clue if it will result in anything (we are both single...maybe it was my Iraq war wound that did it for her?) But I've had an outstanding evening.

I guess I'm lucky I still have my brains...she did her best to make them have an out of body experience...I think she damn near accomplished her goal.

rockwriter58 56M
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12/18/2005 9:39 am

Now, that's a success story! How can you not like that?! You arrive here only a few weeks ago and already you have a mind expanding experience. Congrats.

Now, perhaps you can give others here some pointers....


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