I'm watching Barbara Walter's spiritual interviews  

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12/20/2005 8:13 pm

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I'm watching Barbara Walter's spiritual interviews

And I personally think the Dali Lama is one bloody cool guy. You seldom see a spiritual leader revel in glee with great hope for the future.

I grew up in the Catholic faith and it makes me think of the old Dogma quote, "Catholics mourn their faith."

I am a recovering Catholic. I'll be recovering for the rest of my life.

In general, my own thinking about organized religion is that those that give themselves up to god are either charlatans or pinheads. Those that present the mass know at some aspect that they are presenting a commercial play, and therefore build their presentation to maximize their ability to attract, fleece and to manipulate the faithful. The faithful in this equation show up and give their monies to be spiritually cleaned and watch the drama...but they also believe in the play, and they are complicit in the deception.

My own spiritual belief is to be in awe of consciousness and my personal awareness of being. I know for a fact that I exist, that there has never been a thing that is me before I was me, and that in the entire history of the universe, there will never be anything like me again.

Let that sink in for a moment...the universe is enormous and it been there for billions of years. It will be there billions of years after. It might continue to grow forever or contract to become a new bigbang. But there will be nothing like me in it's history again, or even like you the reader.

And in this equation, I have a daughter that is a product of my animal experience but results in something that experiences this same uniqueness and consciousness. She is on the same path as me and we can hope she will have children that experience the same wonderment.

I don't know what happens to us after we pass, but I do know we have the opportunity and duty to make the absolute best from this gift we have been given. I do not know where this gift originates and don't really give a rat's fart.

I do know if one would desire a spiritual teacher, I might choose the Dali Lama more than the Pope (though I do think John Paul II was a pretty good guy too). The Dali Lama doesn't think there is a true heaven or hell. He asks people to lead their lives in compassion. Now, compassion is something I can believe in...don't worry about the old ZZ top guy looking over my shoulder...but I can get into the direction to do good and be good for it's own reason.

That the Dali Lama had an infectious giggle just made me think even better of him.

Maybe an old jester like me even has hope for redemption.

vuderhose 45M

12/20/2005 8:30 pm

...opiate of the masses.

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