As the stomach turns...or...The Continueing Saga  

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1/4/2006 8:13 am

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As the stomach turns...or...The Continueing Saga best friends have typically been women. I've been explaining the NYC request with a couple of my close female friends and they are like shocked that I've got issues with giving my aid to my two lesbian friends in their quest to become parents.

Women have some of the best looks. Most of them have given me that, "What are you doing in my circle of friends, you freak'n Neanderthal?" I sometimes get that a lot. It must be the, "I've only just now discovered how to make artificial fire" thing?

My only response was, " want me to periodically train up to NY and to have an affair with our lesbian friends?" (we're all in the same circle of friends from college)

This reminds me of a classic comic. In the first square, you have an injured person who's been bonked on the head by somebody in an alley. In the second pane, you have a cop questioning a clown and the clown presents an official writ that says something like, "Clown licensed to troll alleys and bonk passerbyes on the head with a brick." The cops is scratching his head and says, "Well don't that beat all, I guess he does have a license to do that?"

So now I have a positive license from my female friends to go poke some of our other female don't see that very often.

I guess the next step is to return to the scene of the crime and have a frank discussion?

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1/4/2006 2:23 pm are not helping!!! lol

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