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6/12/2006 10:15 pm

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What we do

The sex we have is amazing. It's the stuff that I think about when I masturbate. His cock is so huge that when he walks around naked his dick hangs a good 4 inches below his ass. This shot really turns me on. He's got a real killer body. Yeah he's skinny but everything is nicely filled out. We always start off by kissing. His lips are amazingly soft. I've never kissed a woman but I know our lips would have to be pretty perfect to compare with his. He loves to lick and nibble my ears. I enjoy this but not as much as I do when he kisses and suckles my neck. When he does this, my pussy starts to throb. He then rubs against my pussy, juices start to dribble out. Once he reaches my nipples and starts to suck and tease them, thats when he causes my pussy to gush juices. My idea of 69 is when he's on his knees and I'm sucking his cock. I love to lick the dribbles of juice that drip off the end. He is fingering and teasing my wet nipples. I then crawl on top of him. With his right hand he sticks his huge cock in my dripping hole. As he enters, I can still feel the muscles tingle and tense while his rod glides in. I personally love when it hurts. He takes my nipples in his mouth during this time. Sometimes he can actually take both in his mouth. While my nipples are wet, I notice the air gives them an extra chill. The electricity from my nipples travels to my G-spot. I start to ride his huge cock harder. As I cum there is only one thing on my mind,,, Cumming again! I don't want my nipples touched! I just want to ride him as hard as I can. I want it to hurt and hurt bad. As he reaches around and grabs my ass the nerves start to short circuit and the waves hit again. I unleash gutteral sounds, as the vibration and heat hit me. Usually he's coming with me. His cock spews aout massive amounts of liquid. My pussy has dripped with his juice for hours upon hours. I once told him that a fantasy of mine is to watch another girl lick my pussy juice off his adorable balls. His idea is for me another girl to suckle each other's nipples, but personally there is only one person that will ever suck on mine. That's him. Of course I'd be fine for anyone to watch what we can do.

SirMounts 102M

6/27/2006 1:12 pm

Ah, it's so nice when two, feel so... close. *winking*
Welcome to blogging, JadedApache. *smiling*

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