A Winter Tale  

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A Winter Tale

Freshman year at college was not all that exciting. The traditional southern university was a good break from small town life, but my every advance (probably inept) at an attractive coed had been either ignored or rebuffed. Of course, there were the "nice" girls who wanted to go out to dinner or be invited to fraternity parties but also would only give a quick peck on the cheek or a brushing peck on the lips before bounding out of the car toward the dorm saying "I had a good time."
It was Christmas vacation and there was only a trip back to the small town for a boring reprise of childhood Christmas with family. But . . What if I could get up north, midwest actually, to the place I'd been the last two summers. It was a small college town but I'd taken some courses at the college and had met a local girl. She was a year younger, and full of blondeness that was the result of sturdy northern european emigrant parents. She'd been willing and entheusiastic at kissing at least. But that was farther than anything I had at home. Our letters had been friendly not erotic, but that was as good as it had been in the 60s.
Well, a frat brother lived in the north so there'd be company to share driving and gas money. A call to her let me know that at least she'd be home. So, without promises or indication of anything certain, off I went. It took nearly 25 hours to the place I'd dropped off my frat brother then 10 hours more to the the small town. A pay phone at the college connected us. It was good to hear her again and talk to someone with whom there had been some physical interaction, but nothing that would have been called sexual. She left the phone for a couple of minutes to talk with her parents and came back with an invitation to stay at her house in the guest room. Of course parents were there, so I had no expectation of erotic advennture.
Packing over to the modest house, just off campus, I greeted her and her parents and was shown to the guest room on the second floor.
The next day was spent in adolescent travels to the campus and around the small town decorated in snow, a treat foreign to this southern lad. I took her to a nice restaurant that evening and enjoyed a good meal. Afterward, we were able to park in a secluded area and enjoyed reprising our previous adventures that had been limited to kissing. She responded entheusiastically and I knew she wanted more. . .

She shuddered as my hand stole along her legs beneath her skirt and she invited more intimate advances with her responses to my touches. I really did like this girl, and for the first time she really liked me and responded physically. She never pulled away or showed any reluctance.

Even though her parents were not home when we returned we went no further than petting that night. The next day was more fun around town this time with some stolen kisses a few enjoyable fondlings of teenage breasts and some delightful strokes of my hand across her cute bottom. That night, upon saying my good nights to she and the family, she whispered: "I'll see you later tonight." Of course I had no idea what she really ment, so I was suprised upon being awakened by her kisses about an hour after turning in. She wasted no time and only allowed a few caresses of her dainty vulva before mounting me and giving me a ride of my young life. It was so hard to be quiet with my cock being ridden by this beautiful girl who was totally enjoying my cock and very entheusiastic about the activity.
She left before dawn to slip into her own room. We spent another fun day in town and this time I begged her to again come to me at night. This time I waited in anticipation wondering if she would again appear. Yes, this time throwing her panties off as she entered the room she again sought my cock to fill her and enjoyed a second night of carnal delight.
I was most sad to leave knowing my long solo drive would bring me to a place without this delightful creature.
I'm not absolutely certain, but always wondered if her mom didn't give me a knowing wink when she said drive safely, I hope you had a good time.
In the great scheme of things this was not an erotic mountaintop, but for a first time, a loss of virginity, with someone who was respected, a friend and a lover, WAY better than one of those back seat trysts or a drunken humping.

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