My Day from Hell....  

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10/25/2005 7:21 pm

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My Day from Hell....

So, today has slowly became the day from hell. I woke up this morning, took my shower as usual and while standing at the kitchen sink, waiting for the coffee to get done, I look out my window...and what did I see?? SNOW! Everywhere. I cannot remember the last time it snowed this early in the year here. Not to mention the fact that I am absolutely terrified to drive in the snow.

I'm in college and my son attends head start. My college cancels classes once in a blue moon and today was definitely not one of those days. I have to leave my house pretty early because school is a little over a hour away as is my sons school. Today, he had a little boxcar derby which they were going to bus them to and from but I was required to transport his boxcar to and from the event, and of course I wouldn't miss it even if I wasn't required to be there.

So, he really wanted to go more than anything. Of course, I decided to risk it just to put a smile on his beautiful little face. And...I had to turn around because I got halfway up the hill and couldn't go any further.

Disappointment, that dreaded look that no mother wants to see on their child's face. No, not disappointment from not being able to go to school but disappointment due to the fact that he wouldn't get to take a ride on a school bus. He's never been on a school bus and really wanted to go. I tried explaining to him that the risk of driving in the snow was too great especially with the snow still coming down heavily. But, try explaining this to a 4-year-old......not very easy. But, when I got home to phone his instructor to inform her he would be absent she told me she was getting ready to call me because classes were cancelled for the day. Of course, my son needed to talk to her to validate the information I relayed to him as I was on the phone with her. After he was satisfied, he gave the phone back. I asked her if the derby would be rescheduled and she said she wasnt's up to management.

WHAT?? I spent a month on a boxcar for an event that may now not take place? But, on the other was time well spent because my son and I worked on the project together.

Then, my electric goes out. Yes, my electric. All the phones in my house are cordless so I couldnt call my electric company and I'm in a valley where I cannot get reception on my cell phone (Thank You to America's Largest Ntwrk" CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Not hardly)!

Three hours later, no electric which means no heat, no hot water, no phone, nothing! So, I drive down to a neighbor who informs me that they called the electric company who informed them that over 2,000 customers are without electric and while they are working to rectify the problem, it may be a while.

Then my son wants to play in the snow. We can't because I have no warm house to bring him in afterwards and we closed up the fireplace over the summer.

Can it get any worse? Yes, actually it can.

My son goes to the potty, flushes and I hear a gurgling sound in the kitchen sink. I'm a woman....with a 4-year-old son! I think....Liquid Drano, that has to work. Well it didn't. So I call a plumber...well actually a friend who knows a thing or two about plumbing. He says he'll be right down. He comes with this long thing that looks like a metal rope. takes the cap off, etc... does whatever they do to unclog drains. He then comes upstairs and informs me he needs to go to town (an hour away) and get an electric eel, snake, something. So, I have no electric, no heat, no coffee, no battery operated radio and now I cant even flush when I need to and all wooden floors in the house which makes it sooo much colder.

That was my day....although after he brought the electric thing...guess what?? He couldn't use it because I didnt have any electric. Shoot me now, please!!

2 hours later, everything comes back on and he is able to clean out my pipes.

After that the day (or night) went pretty well.

And how was your day??

rm_lemley37 48M

10/26/2005 2:34 pm

Hang in there everything sounds like it worked out just fine. Keep hanging on because that's all we can do somtimes [just keep hanging on].

rm_JUSTsex4me 36F
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10/26/2005 6:23 pm

lemley, thanks for stopping by. And yes, in the end everything did work out ok but that day was awful. Today was so much better.

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