Favorite Movies of All Time?  

rm_JUSTsex4me 36F
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10/9/2005 3:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Favorite Movies of All Time?

ok so, I was thinking what my all time 10 favorite movies are, but couldnt get it down to ten so.....

Here's 13:

in no particular order of course

1.) The Passion of the Christ
2.) Urban Cowboy
3.) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (its all one movie to me)
4.) Tombstone
5.) Almost Famous
6.) The Ring
7.) Last Train from Gun Hill
8.) Scarface
9.) Goodfellas
10.) John Q
11.) A Time to Kill
12.) Man on Fire
13.) Team America: World Police

Ok...so I hate the #13, superstitious, perhaps, or maybe I just like everything being even. So I decided to edit this blog and add #14

14.) Gangs of New York

What are yours?

janmecir 53M
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10/10/2005 3:16 am

Hi there....lets see...

Before Sunrise
Before Sunset
[Both with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, directed by Richard Linklater)
The Legend of the Holy Drinker (Rutger Hauer is brilliant in this)
Sexy Beast (Ben Kingsley is also brilliant in this)
Taste of Cherry (Iranian film)

Thats only 5.....and I've got to go to work!....
Maybe I'll come back and do another 5 later....see ya...

rm_TwiztedCharm 56M
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10/10/2005 4:11 am

Thanks for that little sign, now I know why I can't see shit

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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10/20/2005 7:11 pm

10. natural born killers
9. little women tie w/wild at heart
8. raising arizona
7. moholland drive
6. steel magnolias
5. two english girls
4. swept away ----i really like it
3. a knight's tale
2. misery
1. crush with andie macdowell

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