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6/25/2006 10:25 pm

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As I get ready to face the day at hand ... I stop and think .... when my time comes to pass on ... how long will it take till someone wonders why didn't I come to work ... will they look for me .. will they call? Will anyone come to pay their last respects and just how many will come? Just last week I lost a very good friend and co worker. And at his final farewell ... those who came ... had thoughts of happiness. They relished on the good times ... the jokes .... and not a tear fell. And to see just how many people he had touched during his life... even if it was with his smile. The rooms were standing room only ... so many were there. So during this spectacular event ... I thought ... when I go .. I want the same. I want those who come to say so long to have fun .. and remember the good times ... the joys and laughter we shared and not shed a tear. How many will show ... that I will never know ... but this I do know. Those that I do have the chance to meet along life's journey ... only if it's for a brief moment. I thank you. If it's only a smile that I get to pass along or have a chance to see. That smile means the world to me and I have done what I set out to do. Well I hope this makes sense. So on that note, Cherish your friends ... strive to make new ones .. no matter how brief. And most of all ... share a smile with someone .. even if they are a stranger. My friend did ... he shared that smile with me ... and now I share it with you.

ps .. don't worry .. just thinking thats all.
Have a great day!!

rm_las4991 60F

6/27/2006 8:27 pm

WOW!!!! Nicely written! MAde me feel like smiling ear to ear! THanks for sharing...and for some special thoughts! LAS4991

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