Table Top Fun  

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4/24/2006 3:22 pm

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Table Top Fun

Last night M bought an 8' table for our bedroom. Our computers and electronics had been on a 5' table previously. We added the new table at a 90deg angle on two walls.

It was nice to get the rats nest/dust bunny haven that always seems to develop behind any kind of electronic or computer station.

At some point I'll be able to say that I have a nice clean room. Not yet...but someday. I still have to work around the master slob. At least he's cute right?

After all the heavy moving had been done and the tv and pc had both been hooked up, M. decided to leave the rest up to me. This suited me just fine. I don't need a big hulking man getting in the way of my organization ;-P

He logs on to AdultFriendFinder for a while and starts to browse possible playmates. Of course when there's a particularly tasty picture he called me over to scope it out myself. I have to say we have about the same taste in women. This is a VERY good thing.

On of our friends messaged us to let us know they were giving a webcam show. Since I've had relativly little experience with the whole webcam world this sounded quite intriguing. Though typically I can't stand most porn shows. I've seen too much of it at work and I'd much rather be doing than just watching.

As it turned out it was pretty effective, though the internet being as it is, the streaming was a bit jerky. But anyways I was inspired. Sadly so was M. and not for the same things.

He wanted to get his webcam working and I wanted to give him head. Not that he ever doesn't want's just that he was a bit distracted and his manly man wasn't very manly at all. It was more the compact travel size.

I told him I'd come back later.

Which didn't turn out to be completely accurate.

About an hour later he gave up messing with all the crappy technology and crawled into bed with me in the spoon position. The feel of his chilly body curling up to my warm one is an erotic experience.

As my body warms his, I feel his chin on my sholder. He whispers to me wanting to know if I was actually asleep. I was tempted to play possum. I knew if I did he would sneak his hand down between my legs and play with my pussy until I was wet and then slide himself deep inside of me. I love that position. Feeling the muscles of his chest ripple across my back as he holds me in place and works his cock in and out of my body. The feeling of his breath on my neck. The bites that he takes make me shiver.

However I WAS a bit irked at him for being too distracted to let me suck him off. So I rolled on my back to look into his baby blue eyes. Deep fathomless eyes. He wanted me. I already knew that by the insistant way his cock was sliding up and down my leg, making me stick with precum. But his eyes told me how much.


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4/24/2006 7:41 pm

When can we expect the continuation of this story?

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