Older story #4 (tbc)  

rm_JSAinAZ 42M/41F
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4/30/2006 1:20 pm
Older story #4 (tbc)

Last night was VERY GOOD.

I woke up around one. He'd already been very busy. The other night he'd clippered his head and nether regions, but last night he bic'ed his head. Shaved completely smooth.

We had a good talk and that made me feel a lot better. I know that I need to sometimes just SAY something and get it out, rather than stew on it and hide it. But force of habit and the fact that I don't want to seem like a foolish, petty girl makes me want to hide it.

Then we got talking about sex. Sex is good. I guess he's been to several sex clubs. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable about taking the next step. In fact I'm kind of anxious to do it now. I know that would really really be a good thing in so many different ways.

Well of course talk becomes action.

There's something about being up against a wall that's a turn on. Or maybe it's the standing up and the wall is convenient to relax against instead of falling over. Either way it works nicely.

I love the way that he knows how to kiss and how to use his mouth on my face, ears and neck. Add to this that I had his freshly shaven head to touch and kiss. This all made me QUITE hot. Finally he made the move to actually put himself in me. As he pushed into me, I came in contact with the wall. The contrast between his hot body and the cold wall was incredible. The feeling of him so close to me, his breath on my hair, my neck and my face. His kisses and the movement of his body about drove me crazy. Finally I came. All shudddery and warm. The feelings of release and the heightened sensitivity of my skin just wrapped around me. All I could do is hang on to him as he moved and finish the ride.

...to be continued

MrNuttz05 49M

6/1/2007 7:48 am

Nice... Maybe you need to BLOG more... Nice description, wish I was there

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