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6/27/2005 3:38 pm

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First post

This being my first post, it will probably be the most boring. Not that any of my adventures posted here will be all that exciting anyway, but you know what I mean. I wondered whether anyone reads these things anyway but surprisingly I guess they do. Of course like anyone else I want to be famous too and I'm sure I will religiously check my views to see how many people are tuning in. It will be hard to resist the urge to make things seem a little more exciting than they really are (or were)but I promise that anything I share will be at least "Based on actual events". Now that we have that out of the way, let's begin shall we?

A little about me. I consider myself a pretty good looking guy. Not the best looking, just slightly better than average. I also consider myself a nice guy. Not so much to people in general but I'm a sucker for a pretty face. I was raised with good manners and the idea of respect was pounded into me at every level of my childhood. I used to be a very clean-cut, short haired, well-dressed type of guy. I never made too many enemies with ex-lovers and most would always say something like, "Great guy, it just didn't work out between us". The interpretation of that is that I'm the guy that you ladies fell in love with in high school and then shit on for a quick "wow" with the quarterback. If that sounds like sour grapes let me tell you..... you're probably right.

*This post has been edited at this point.

Why? Cause I sound like a bigger dick than I really am, LOL. I'm really not that bitter. I must have been in a weird mood today.*

Well, that's about all the reflection I can take for the day. Maybe in a few days I'll make another post about some current events, if you care to know. Things are starting to get interesting in my life. Wouldn't want you to miss it. Later.

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