I'll Own Your Senses! (sight)  

rm_JRH1108 48F
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10/29/2005 1:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'll Own Your Senses! (sight)

I would like to do this for someone special... Knowing for sure that years later a certain action will make him think about me and become aroused!

In this fantasy I may have to blindfold my partner on some occasions but not tonight... (The first night).

On the first night I hold his hand and walk him into my room which is filled with sensual music, the smell of scented candles and oils fills the room. As I lay him down on my red silk sheets I whisper into his ears "tonight I will own your sense of sight" ... I leave the room and return in sexy lingerie. (I tell him that tonight he is only allowed to watch. (no touching) And that if he breaks that rule the game is over for the night and delayed 'til the next night). I start to dance to the music moving in the most sensual and provocative ways he has ever seen,Months of erotic dance practice and sessions has prepared me for him tonight! I dance close to him and then move away...I slowly expose one breast and turn my back to him...dropping my gown to the floor exposing the curve in my back and finally the ass I know he craves!! teasing him ever so slowly... I rub my soft skin all over and kiss my shoulders as I dance for him ... I am grateful for the new dance pole I've installed in my bedroom! for I am about to perform the most erotic pole dance he has ever seen! Crawling on the floor going towards him again I come close to his crutch and lick my lips...bringing my face ever so close to his groin and bulging magic wand...teasingly I whisper to him. You can only watch...I climb him and lap dance as I move ever so close to his lips...I whisper...you can only watch ...I dance away teasing and provoking him...I can see he really wants me...His bulge tells me he wants to play!!! but he's being a good boy. He tells himself...I will not touch her...not tonight. Tonight... I watch
Finally relieved from all my clothing I lay on the floor in front of him and pleasure myself...teasing my clitoris in small circles then quickened movements...I can hear him moan...I know he wants to touch!...As I explore my most sensitive spot in my labia and clitoris I take myself there...were my Ecstasy becomes his only focus...I can feel it happening...I'm shaking all over... moaning loudly...I cum!!! I look into his eyes as it's happening ...He hungers for my touch...he hungers to be touched and touch himself...but tonight he can only watch!! and I cum!!!
I know he goes to the strip bars...I'm confident that the next time he watches them he will crave and see me in his mind... I smile.

Tomorrow's I'll own his sense of smell...

AltumHunksUnite 53M

10/29/2005 8:12 pm

No doubt he'll be begging for you to take care of the next four senses.

Let me drive. I like the view

longingtolickum1 58M
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11/3/2005 7:16 pm

WOW, my eyes are burning just reading this. The anticipation of owning the sence of smell is palpiable...

Marvelous, simply marvelous. And sexy.

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