Ok, gonna try this...STORY TIME!  

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7/14/2006 12:34 pm

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Ok, gonna try this...STORY TIME!

This is going to be a section of the blog (not sure if i like the sound of that word yet or not) for people to share their creative sides. Story time is a place to write about your favorite fantacies and exploits (real or imagined). I guess i can start and you all can join in, comment, complain, please no typo or spell bashing. i am not a professional and i did go to public school.
So without farther delay and no ado whatsoever...

rm_JPinBR 46M
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7/14/2006 12:45 pm

Sunday afternoon wears into Sunday evening as you, my twin brother and I watch the footballs games. John and I drinking beers and yelling at the t.v. in mock exasperation as the Saints narrowly snatch defeat once more from the jaws of victory. You, sipping your drink thoughout the day are nearly mesmorized by the energy the two of us can creat in a room. You notice that even though we are fraternal twins how much alike we are. Similar facial features, mine a touch lighter with blue eyes, his a touch more robust with deep brown eyes. The same accent as we curse the coaches and officials, the same manorisms, nearly the same hungry look in our eyes as they float over your body when we think the other isn't looking.
Just as it looks as though the Saints are about to lose another one, a defence man intercepts a pass and begins to run it back towards the goal line...John and i leap to our feet yelling our intructions at the television, "RUN YOU SONUVABITCH!! RUUUNN!!!" Just as he is about to cross into the inzone for the winning touchdown with time expired, the last man throws himself at him, knocking the ball out of his hands, fumbling it out of bounds and ending the game. John and i both collapse on the sofa in disbelief, John inadvertantly spilling his beer on your sundress. He leaps to his feet again, stammering appologies in his embarassment while trying to wipe the beer from your dress. The feel of his hands as they brush across you breasts combined with the cold beer causes your nipples to stand out straight, not lost to either of our attention. You pat him on the cheek and tell him not to worry about it as you excuse yourself to go change clothes. John and i flip through the channels to look for something else to watch, settling on a movie that is just coming on as you return wearing one of my t-shirts and dragging a blanket behind you.
We all settle in to watch the movie which turns out to be quite the suspense thriller. All three of us on the couch, you under the covers cuddled up next to me with your feet propped up on John's lap. I run my fingers through your hair as an especially tense part of the movie causes us all to jump. Me grasping you, you squeezing my arm, and John grabbing your legs all in one heart beat. We laugh at each other as the moment passes. as we settle back in, John begins to massage your feet, i stroke your hair once more, and your hands begin to run up and down my thigh as you sigh in contentment.
A slightly gratuitous and overly heated sex scene comes on a few minutes later. The blanket hiding my hand the has worked its way into your tshirt and is begins rubbing your breast while your hands massage my crotch. You can feel John getting aroused as his hands begin to rub first your calves, then softly behind your kneecaps, then slowly (torturously slowly) up your thighs. Your eyes close, the covers and the drinks making you slightly bold as you rub your foot across John's hardening member, feeling it stir, and lifting your leg ever so slightly spreading your thighs trying to will his
hands to climb faster as your own hands work on my cock through my jeans, feeling it throb and strain against the material. You open your eyes and see me looking down at you. I kiss your lips just as my brother's hand brushes across the crotch of your thong. You gasp into my mouth, i feel your nipples shoot out as your pussy soaks through the thin material of your panties. You grasp my cock hard as your foot works back and forth across John's lap. His fingers slipping under the leg of your panties, he begins to work on your sopping pussy in earnest. I hold you tightly, pinching your nipples, stroking your hair as my brother slips his sure fingers inside you, his thumb working at your clit. You brain briefly wonders if the two
of us hand exchanged notes on love making as we grew up brfore it is washed away in pleasure. Your orgasm overtakes you, blood pounding in your ears,your heart racing, your clit throbbing as the dam breaks aways and the flood gates of pleasure open inside you.
As you lay there..eyes closed...afraid of opening them and finding it had all been a fantacy...afraid of finding that it wasn't a fantacy...my lips touch yours once more, then your cheek, then your ear whispering, "lets go to the bedroom." You lean forward, as i stand, pulling you to your feet. I kiss you again deeply as we head to the bedroom..Me...You...and my Twin Brother.

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