Is the male ego just another inner child?  

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7/1/2006 10:44 am
Is the male ego just another inner child?

I have a secret hideaway where it is free to surf the internet and I am free to blog on AdultFriendFinder. Now Granted I do not download anything nasty nor do I have all kinds of nudey pictures popping up as I do this. (There are kids around here and the royalty for this restaurant wants us to use common sense in this restaurant) But as I write this I am watching one of the workers here and I am wondering how it is that someone can be so blissful and yet be cognizant of what they are doing.
My case in point is this guy who in fact wanders about and does the order serving as they are made available for the customer (such as to have brought to them. He is a lottle slow, and I am sure he's slow because he was boern that way. His demeaner is that of a 10 year old, and yet he is very aware of certain social dymanics around him. e.g., A woman he is attracted to that comes in from time to time.
He almost oogles over her and when she is there, I know for a fact nothing else gets done, and if you're hungry or waiting for your order to be brought, just go get it yourself,... he will not even bother. He focuses only on her. He must be lost in her somehow and so he gives her his strictest attention. Worse, he has even bothered to share other peoples orders and has even bought stuff for her. For what little conversation she offers him it's a just reward and he is so happy to even get acknowledgement I sometimes wonder if she is only pitying him.
Now on the other hand I know she is somewhat perturbed by his behavior, but his saving grace is that he hasn't had the mental affinity of someone his own age and is so obvious that she must tolerate him so not to hurt his feelings. I gues it is easy to love folly in a child and so he is.
Alas, I had to witness the other day her chastising him for spilling a drink on her. I chuckled because I saw it coming. He was trying to be suave and deboner, and couldn't pull it off. He went to the back of the restaurant and actually cried. I mean it. He was crying and I saw the remorse and guilt on her face. You'd think she just spanked her own kid or something and his was no exception to that kind of guiilt. I think the manager was a little frustrated and came out to apologize to her and gave her lunch on the house.
Now I was truly curious and I had to know if in fact she was even more angry for perpetuating this charade of interest. She didn't really show interest, but this guy took it as so. I think she realized how much he had a crush on her from that point. My walking over to her didn't make it easier but morbid curiousity is a killer with me. (It WILL be the death of me.)
Before I could contrive exactly what I was gona say I just came out and said , “ Did you ever tell him to leave you alone?” The apple of this boy’s eye was silent but looked at me with angry eyes only. But because I wasn’t thinking of the event as guilt factor I was insistent in asking more questions.
“I am just curious if you were tolerant because it was cute or if you were afraid to hurt his feelings?”, I continued.
Her glare I guess wasn’t enoung and this time I was greeted with a loud and articulate , “Fuck You!”.
I told her,” Thank you but I have already had an affair.” and this, I thought after my brainless tirade of questions, would surely get me slapped in the face. But instead, she only got up and stomped up the the counter and demanded to see the manager. Now I normally take my que and I probably would have packed up. My thoughts were actually bent on deciding where I’d go next.
This was getting ridiculous, I thought to myself.
. However this isn’t what happened, and she began yelling at the guy in charge instead.The lady complained loudly that she was just being tolerant. That he was obviously being inappropriate and that since he was as ‘retarded’ as he was she was sure someone else would complain. (But you know, no one did) She went on about how it was kinda nice he was so attentve and was actually a reason to return but she was angry for having thi same ‘retard’ take such time away from everything else and so she felt it ws okay he was ‘oogling over her the way he was. She said with an angry punctuation and interjection she would not return.
I think she was asnwering my question but yelling at the manager, and in turn maybe she was explaining herself to the boy in the back crying his eyes out. I for a brief moment was acutally laughing at this because it was like a scene right out of a woody allen movie, and I fought valiantly to keep back my laughter, but unfortunately my laughter was fighting with the same powerful emotion I feel for anything that I deem necessasry to get done and my hand covered my face as I watched her continue.
But before I could conrol myself and reign in my amusement for what took place, she ws heading my way and I stood straight waiting to accept the corporal punsihment I so deserve.
what happened next was even worse. She sat ther for a long moment, and she stared at me with some angry look which looked more like I had hurt her as well. (I was never sure that’s what was going on) But she said something that was even more like getting hit by a 2x4. “I was hoping I could talk to you today, but I can see you are just like every other guy.”, sh yelled at me. And then she grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips. Now I haven’t ever thought I was even close to someone’s list of things to do or guys to kiss but here it was. and i was so shocked I couldn’t think straight for one or two days afterward. I was someone’s object of pleasure. and so was she to someone else. What a world. Truth is truly stranger than fiction, but I wasn’t sure about this as the lady stormed out of the store.
Now the “boy” came out and actually saw me and her kissing for that moment. And he stormed up to me. ‘oh shit!’, I thought tomyself he’s gona deck me, and I was starting to think about what to do against a guy who was in his condition. Cna you see what the news would say? “MAN knocked out by mentally challenged boy” or “Man attacks a mentally challenge boy” not much choice in humiliation.
“She’s my woman!”, he yelled, and he said after a moment of angry regard, “You get outta here!”
“I’m sory I told him, I have been sitting here watching this and I think she was just making you jealous. I didn’t een kiss her back.”,I explained.
He seemed to like this answer, and then he said, “yeah you’re too ugly for her”
Oh man I think the newspaper is better.
I was humiliated myself and I had to think I was with caught. I had ben blissful in doing my thing and took pleasure in my hideout so much that I was not cognizant of my surroundings. At the same time I was watching things from a different point of view. I never noticed she was paying any attenion to me. Really I wasn’t paying attention, but I never thought of it.
Now this is all true I assure you and if I was to cook up fiction it would be loaded with spaceships and laser beams. this wasn’t my thing, but here it is. Just call me Woody Allen, becaue right now I jst sufferd a scene from his mall.

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