An affair to remember?  

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6/27/2006 3:10 pm
An affair to remember?

So I am wrtiting this because I so need ot get this off my chest.
I finally met someone. It was to, say the least, a time to remember. I was never a fan of any movie that would be by any means some hokey romantic rendezvous on some tall building or for that matter I a place to meet which was somehow intangible, and yet. Here I am living a truth that resembles fiction. I am a character in some story that couldn't be told except here and so I am writing this story.
I met someone, as I said, here on AdultFriendFinder and so I am just getting to the point that I will change a few things around. I just do not want anyone to know certain things to keep this as discreet as possible. But it happened. Just know that:

Meeting Angel was by all means a chance thing. It was kind of a chance meeting her, and so was the oppurtunity. She ws in need of a friend and Angel was by all means a cheerful and bubbly Woman of great humor and good insight. She was just in need of a friend it seemed and I was up front that I wasn't gonna expect anything. But we agreed to meet and It was a restuarant meeting at a Wendy's in the middle of Salt Lake City.
As we spoke I was amazed how I could hear her and yet get lost in her eyes. In one moment she joked about what color her eyes were Naked and I told her Grey. She blushed, but held my gaze and neer lost face. other sublects came up and still I couldn't loose interest. I thought she was beautiful. I was totally drawn to her. I was mostly I was drawn to her eyes and her smile, and It seemed to me she would shine a lot. I was in fact enamored by her presence.
She needed to vent and I did my best to listen to her. But I kept getting lost in her. I never do this and here I was. I was enjoying myself over a cheap glass of Cold Lemonade and talking to her about everything. And, she actually laughed at my jokes. A hard thing to do by my standards as I am a bad joke teller and a worse comedian. (I even went to comedy school and failed, NO JOKE)
But as time wore on I grew conscious of the time. Not because I wanted to go but because I never wanged to leave. I wanted to be there for the whole day and it seemed that for a few hours of being engrossed in conversation flew by without effort. I was finding myself being drawn to her even more. (I sometimes wonder about her)
But the time came that she needed to go. I was very hesitant to do this but still I was insistant I walk her to her vehicle, and somehow we sat next to each other in her car. We still chatted and I was still in need to reach out and connect with her but still the oppurtunity was not there. That is until I saw she was actually meandering. Maybe she WAS waiting for me and so I old her without much else to think of saying that I needed to do something.
That's when it happened.
My lips and her lips were together. I was KISSING HER!! I was feeling all these emotions and OH MY GOD! It was good! the kiss got deeper and more passionate and I was now feeling things I had not felt in a milion years. Or at least it felt likea million years. The dark void I had felt for a long time was now defined buy the cool waters of passion which quenched my dried up heart. I was feeling an energy that by all means was good and intoxicatiing. I pulled back and stil wanted more. I wanted to DO more but I reigned myself in. It was forbidden fruit. Fruit which after being bitter was so hard to be after tasting such sweetness.
There is a certain Wine I enjoy and seldom drink. It's sporadic and far spaced appearance as an embibment or merriment makes it so memorable each time, and it itself is harvested and made LAST and LATE in the end of the Harvest of wine grapes. It is a Late harvest Muscat and it if always sweet and tasty. But most of all it is so good to enjoy that in the end you can enjoy this as an accent or ending to the dayn and here it was. My late harvest of sweetness which only made me think of this even more. I kissed her once more but only shortly in comparison and I was thanking her.
I felt liberated in our meeting and even more giddy than anything else. and I was hard pressed to contain my feeling and discreetly enjoy myself. Since we are both atached it's a hard thing to meet her often an I am stil sure she won't see me anytime soon. I am not woried about this at all. I talk to her still and I would not hesitate to share these feeling with her again and again. I know she likes talking to me and does so quite frenquently, but somehow I see meeting her again as another far spaced enjoyment of that late hrvest Muscat. One I would want to hold in my fondest of memories in my heart and smile each time I felt her lips on mine. And drink in the pleasure of her emotions back and revel for even the briefest of moments of what energies we shared again.
I said before I am not a movie fan where secret rendezvous are done on tall buildings, but somehow after this, I would think that I am sure I won't mind so much..... my Angel was truly an affair to remember......

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