sex in differant positions  

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5/15/2006 2:55 am
sex in differant positions

I lie on my back with my penis long thick and erect she sits on me and in doing so my penis enters her virgina after a few strockes she leans forward and her breasts touch my chest she continues to ride me with my penis still inside we roll over and i am on top now in the perfect missionery position and we continue till I ejaculate into her virgina after sometime we start all over again this time she is on top of me facing the opposite direction after sometime she lies back on my chest she continues to ride me a little later we roll over with my penis inside her this time we are in the perfect rear entry position with me on top and riding her from the rear a little later I ejaculate please try these positions as it gives uninterupted sex which is both pleasurable and enjoyable

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