With just a week left, or less....  

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12/18/2005 5:08 pm

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With just a week left, or less....

First of all, let me say that I'm not slamming anyone here. What I will say, though, is that I guess I expected more for here. Only a handful were interested enough to respond to my initial contact. Granted, I'm not the best looking guy here, not the most compatible, I don't have an iron body nor a six-pack - not even in my fridge! My cock might not hang down to my knees nor can I "perform" for weeks at a time. I'm just me - with all of my flaws. I never stated that I was superman or that I would be your knight is shinning armor. But, I am human and I do have needs. And I tried to evaluate those needs so as not to mislead anyone I have contacted here. A relationship would be great but only for a limited time. I am a loner and have been for the majority of my 45 years on this earth. (as apposed to any other earth!) I can't help that - it was just the way I turned out. And I have enough human contact M-F, 8-5. for those social moments we all might need. I don't mean to sound like I'm looking down my nose at anyone but there are very few people that I have anything in common with that I could carry on an intelligent conversation with. I am a musician (if only in my dreams) and those who are involved in or who have grown up involved in the arts know that we are a different breed. It's not that we are superior - we just see things from a different point of view that is not common among the "common folks". Which, in turn, make it hard for us to find common ground with those outside of our little circle. And I've never been really good with talking on the phone unless I have something to say - which is very rarely. It usually takes me time to analyze things over in my head for at least 24 hours before I could make what I would call the appropriate decision - you wouldn't want me in charge of any ICBMs. I'll nuke people simply because they've pushed my buttons and then I'll regret the decision the next day - if there is a next day. So, basically this is me - no Studly doo-right, no Tom Cruise (though I do have a big nose like he does - just not all of his money to do anything about it); I don't kung-fu like Steven Stagall; don't have the wit of Tom Selleck nor do I sit tall in the saddle like he does; I'm not financially rich - I just make it from payday to payday (one of the reasons I don't answer ads of those who are looking for the "perfect gentleman who can wine and dine me" types, (but I can whine, if that's any consolation). I'm not the most romantic guy in the world - at times I forget proper manners when out on a date (you know that old saying that if you don't use it you lose it). I'm just a guy with needs that haven't been able to fulfill them so I came looking here to see if I could find someone who doesn't care for all of the previously mentioned crap and who would just want a sex friend. No such luck.

So, what am I looking for?!? Just that - a sex friend. No commitment crap because I would be lying to you if I did. I would later on realize that I need my space and you’re crowding me. That would just lead to both of us getting hurt. I had to do that once before. I didn't like it. I don't like telling someone who is really interested in me (yeah, right) that I'm not interested in her and would she please leave. Not a pretty picture.

And, of course, I would have to be attracted to her - just like you would want to be attracted to me. It's true, beauty is only skin deep - but that's what guys look at first - the outer appearance. But then there's the personality. I can tell a lot from someone after reading a letter they wrote. And I'm sure some English teacher could find all sorts of grammatical imperfections in what I am writing here. And, no, spell check will only help in spelling only, it won't help in grammatically correcting the structure of your sentences. And when I read responses that I have received I can tell if the person who wrote the response has finished grade school of not. This type of person, even though she has a body to die for, would leave me sterile in any attempt at a meaningful conversation. And, yes, I need someone who can talk at an intellectual level and not rage on for hours about what kind of dog she is going to buy! All she would mean to me is (hopefully) great sex. That is, if she knows how to do more than just spread her legs. I'm human - I like to feel that there is something more there with me than just another life form. If I just wanted something warm to lie beside me who hasn't any communication skills then a dog would do just fine - and they wouldn't care if I'm seeing other dogs and wouldn't care if I fell asleep on the couch. But, from what I have seen in the ads here I'm really quite surprised at some of them - this website is advertised as (and you'll see this on the log-in screen) a "Sex and Swingers" site. Yet I keep finding these ads from women who are trying to find their "Prince Charming". Come on, get real, ladies - 99.9% of the guys here are looking for a piece of ass!!! They want a fuck - geez! Go to eHarm... to find your "Prince". Do you really think you can find your perfect soul mate on a Swingers website?!? And if you think you have, can you tell me that you would really trust him? HE WAS HERE LOOKING FOR PUSSY!!!!!!

And for those who think you should play hard to get and who are into those junior high school girl head games - grow up! You wouldn't want those games played on you so don't play them yourselves. Remember the golden rule - if you were ever taught it! And I've found out that these little head games come from those who say in there ad: "I'm looking for someone who can be honest in a relationship!" - liar! Then there are the ads that say: "I'll fuck anybody and everybody - looks and age isn’t important" - I'm still waiting to hear back from you. This ugly, old man has emailed you over a month ago - where did you go? So, out of the 131 ads I responded to and the 24 responses I've received in return (more that 50% were auto-reply) I'm still in the same boat I was before I wasted the $45 on signing up here. Go figure!

So, what do I want - a fuck friend - but she's not here. I'm either too old, too ugly, to fat, too this, too that - all of the same old excuses I've heard throughout my life - thus, that is why I'm still single and haven't had sex in over ten years. And after y'all read all of this crap, I'll probable never have sex again. But, just as you can be satisfied with your toys (as I have read in several ads), my right hand still works for me - and I can even use my left hand if the right one cramps up - I am dextrose!

So, I would say it's been real and it's been fun - but it hasn't been fun, nope, not at all, though I was able to see some very fine naked women on here - and some of you have bigger balls than I do to put your picture up here! (I'm still amazed by the one who put Jenna Haze as her picture - did you really believe that no one would notice!?!) And I'm really amazed at myself to think that there would really be any attractive girl on here who would be drop-dead gorgeous but have such a difficult time in finding a piece of ass for herself that she would have to resort to placing an ad here. (Oh, and hey guys, those cute little honeys who do put an ad on here saying that they just want to find anyone to fuck - they're fake - they're on here just for the fun of it - just to see what type of responses they get from us ugly old fat dudes who could easily pass as their daddies). So, I'll just drool at the cute little honeys at Hooters, ache when I see a gorgeous mature (not by age only) woman pass me in the mall and sigh when I see two lovers holding hands and who look at each other with that twinkle in their eyes - crap, can't you hear the violins playing now! Shit - I'll survive - I have so far, but just becoming a little cynical. And when this subscription is up I'll let it expire. And I'm not real sure if I'll sigh up later on when I just want to drool and day-dream.

(Ladies, you've said you wanted honesty - deal with it!)

One week to go.............!

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