How do you know your in love..........  

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6/11/2006 8:24 am

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How do you know your in love..........

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet a man, whom I had been talking to for quite some time. he came down, and we spent the weekend that he is back at his home, he says that He is a wolf by nature, and lets very few people in his "pack". and that he loves me and my daughters. How, can someone know that they "LOVE" someone in that short of time"? Granted we have talked alot on the net...But he seems to me, you can't "LOVE" that fast. Or at least I can't. And then he starts asking questions, "when would or how would I know I'M IN LOVE? Love doesnt come that fast for me..Relationships I tend to be the one to bend over backward, and do things for the one I am with., And yet they leave...but in the end always come back with..."Had I only known, how good you were for me? WHAT???? So now, my walls are up...and now I have this sweet man who says he loves me....And I can't say it back, cause Its too early to say those words...And I don't feel the love after 3 days. ya know?
And he's always telling me, that if we don't work, that, that is it for him, he's never getting back into a relationship? nothing like a little pressure is their???????????????
So how DOES one know, with out a doubt, that someone is in love????


BaronessK 52F

6/11/2006 10:44 pm

Mainly 2 ways for something like that {to KNOW} -- if you can't say yes {definitely} then it's no {or at the most not yet}. Also {works for 'picking' between and all} the person's well being and all in relation to how you'd feel. {If this person were to die or otherwise never be with you again, how would you feel, in relation to having them in your life?}.

There is 'love at first sight', but it's rare -- it's mind blowing, but the true test of love is to GROW in love as well {because love at first sight, at least at first, is more attraction and subconscious attractions/needs as well as hormonal}.

Oh, and the first part of this was from shrinkadinks when asked the question{s} you asked! *L*

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