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10/27/2005 1:02 pm

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Like the description says I joined AdultFriendFinder with the sole purpose of getting some. Now being young and dumb I figured hey join this site and I'll get some without ever knowing the person, but boy was I wrong. At first I'd send out a few emails to profiles that really got me going, most of the time I never got a response but every once in a while I would. When I would 95% of the time it was immidiate rejection. Why? I have no Idea, but a few of them said I was to young. Wait for a later blog entry for my feelings on that. Back to my point, if I ever had one, I slowly found out that many people on here want a lot more than just a quick fuck. Many that I have met want to be friends to. Something that at first I wasn't ready to do, but now I've become a bit wiser. I have realized that this site is not just about getting laid, its about meeting some really cool people to hang out with no matter their age. I had the wrong idea of this place at first, but now I know a little bit better.

Well thats all I got.

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