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9/4/2006 9:02 pm

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Not sure what to write, so I'm just letting my mind wonder. From the few blogs I have read I gather that blogging is kind of like keeping an online journal; another way of letting poeple get to know your personality.

Last night I tried to start this and couldn't think of a thing to write. Then I decided to go to bed since I had to be at work early this morning. Out of the blue all of these thoughts camed to me of what I could have written, ideas for the begining of a poem or two. Yes, I do write poetry and if anyone has an idea for of a topic for a poem feel free to suggest one.

Now I am not saying that each person that suggests a topic for a poem will have me writting one on here. Sometimes no matter what I can not think of something to write about the topic,until a month, year, or more so down the road.

Thinking of You

I close my eyes
and think of you,
the touch of your
hand caressing me,
the touch of lips
on mine as our kiss
deepens and you pull
me tightly against you
our bodies entertwining
until we don't know where
one begins and the other ends

It feel so real
as if your were here
with me instead of miles away
Then I open my eyes
only to realize I am alone

That I will no longer
taste the passion of your lips
feel the strenth of your arms
as you mold me to your body
in a perfect fit
run my fingers through your hair
or wake up with you beside me

I am left alone
with a broken heart
waiting to be mended
if I let down the wall
that I have built around myself
afraid to take that chance again
afraid of getting hurt
and of never returning whole
in the end

So instead I sit
and close my eyes
as I think of you
and what could have been.

What goes around comes around.

rm_KingEdain 45M
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9/7/2006 12:13 pm

Hi there............ sorry I haven't come sonner.... been busy.... Thanks for stopping by my blog and please feel free to come back often and leave a post... welcome to the blogs.... hmmmmmmmmm Was I maybe somewhat of an inspiration?

SirMounts 102M

1/22/2007 9:24 am

A very, very good poem! *reading it again, admiringly*
A warm welcome to blogging, IrishKittn. *smiling warmly*
...When I look into My crystal ball, I see a wonderful blog coming up, indeed. *wink*

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