Does NO mean something else on AFF  

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7/3/2006 2:46 pm
Does NO mean something else on AFF

I was thinking about what I was going to write this week for my blog, plenty of things to say but a good friend gave me the inspiration for this one.

I'm a bit of shy guy at times, not that you would know by the loudness of my voice but hey if thats the worst thing that happens when your drunk, I'll take that over wanting to fight people any day of the week .

Sometimes my chat is great, sometimes it's rubbish and where as I can't always spot when a woman is interested in me, I can damn well always tell when she is not.

I've emailed a few woman on the AdultFriendFinder site and some have responded, some have sent an auto reply and many more haven't replied (yes I know I can't believe it either , maybe better photo's, or taller or, ach I don't care)

I have also had the opportunity to chat and meet one or to woman as well, its funny that they all mention the lack of respect that some men on this site have shown to them. Now I firstly say that this is not all the guys by any means and now and again I've said a couple of things perhaps I shouldn't have, however I was shown a set of emails regarding one guy which just takes the piss.

I will run them in the order I saw them, the wording is not exact but hey I was a little pissed when I saw them. I will refer to the guy as "Slow on the Uptake" (SOTU) and the woman as "Miss A"

SOTU 1. Hi There saw your profile fancy a shag.
Miss A - I don't really know you I don't do sex straight away.

SOTU 2. If not sex then how about a suck and wank then.
Miss A - Doesn't reply

SOTU 3. I'll fuck off then
Miss A - No,no it's just that I don't know you and I don't do this sort of thing straight away I'm just not interested.

SOTU 4. Well how about a chat and we can get to know each other ... and then have a wank on the phone.
Miss A - Look I have a boyfriend I just joined this site for a laugh I'm just not interested.

SOTU 5. Right well do you get excited then on the site perhaps you play with yourself, you could text me when you are doing this.
Miss A - Look I have a boyfriend I wouldn't do anything behind his back, sorry not interested.

SOTU 6. Ok when you boyfriend comes in from work, do you play with yourself in front of him and get him hard you could text me.
Miss A - Sorry not interested.

Now what is the morale of this story, I suppose it might be that one or two bad apples have the opportunity to spoil the whole barrel for everyone.

Perhaps however this in more appropriate. I get disappointed when woman don't email me back, but I just accept it and move on, ladies if I guy is bugging you report him and if a sex pest suggests that he should just fuck off let him and email me instead .

You've been a wonderful audience I'll be here all week.

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