Questions from Women: The girth terrifies me...("I can't even close my hand around it")  

rm_Intent2842 72M
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9/18/2005 6:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Questions from Women: The girth terrifies me...("I can't even close my hand around it")

Dear Jocelyn,

There are a lot of women (and some men) who would be happy to have your problem. So count your blessings, dear. Still, being faced with a truly huge "COCK" for the first time can be daunting.

Fortunately, the vagina is very flexible and can stretch to accommodate organs of varying lengths and widths. If you're having concerns about your capacity in this department, one of the best ways to test your limits is with dildos of various sizes. With a little searching, you can probably find one that matches the proportions of your beau's monstrous manhood. But first, try a couple of dildos a step down to warm up. If you're feeling tight, do a regular stretching session with your dongs to loosen your vaginal muscles. Do this daily, like a workout routine, and in time you should be able to take on that bad boy. Just take things slow, work your way up, and use tons of lube.

If all this fails and there's still no way he's gonna ever cram his spam javelin into your pleasure palace without causing internal damage, consider pleasuring him in other ways. Learn how to give a world-class hand job and blowjob (even though you'll never be able to deep-throat him). Break out some lotion or massage oil and let him tit-fuck you (he straddles you and puts his weiner between your boobs, which you press firmly together) or thigh-fuck you (you squeeze your legs together and he fucks you between the legs, but so that his cock brushes past, rather than going into your pussy). To get your equal time, have him brush up on his cunnilingus and finger fucking techniques. Even if he can't get his salami grande all the way - or even part way in, you can still have fun together.

Best of luck,


rm_Kraythi 42F

9/18/2005 8:12 am

I agree with intent2842, you need to build up too a larger dick, it is not like you ahve this 12" and huge tickness the first time, but the point ot all of this above is that if it is painful don't do it, if you feel uncomfortable Don't do it, the choice is always yours

rm_twojades 50M/50F
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9/18/2005 9:18 am

She's absoulutely right. I am fortunate enough to have a large cock and girth as well. When my wife and I started dating her first comments were "No way are you putting that in me!" She started with hand jobs and blow jobs and I did a lot of finger fucking and lots of "G" spot work and when we had sex for the first time used lots of lube and took it slow. Now she can't get enough and the internal orgasms never stop. You have to remember that men with big cocks can take you to new levels that you never thought you could reach.

Take your time and enjoy the long slow ride to heaven!


BigDgaijin 49M
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9/18/2005 10:32 am

As a man with a large circumference myself (not long, but about 6in/17cm around), I know from experience the troubles that size can cause. Nearly every one of my partners has had pain and problems at first.

In fact, my most recent partner suffered fairly serious consequences from it. After some initial pain she seemed to accommodate me well enough, but a few hours after we parted she suffered bleeding and internal pain. I never did learn what the exact problem was, but I believe she suffered some kind of injury to her bladder from our time together. Fortunately she recovered, but I really feel bad about it. I can only say that there was no indication at the time that anything bad was happening. I've learned a hard lesson about taking it slow at first.

Still, that one time was unique in it's seriousness. None of the other women I've been with have been hurt severely, they just had pain and difficulty. The good news is that every one of my steady partners has been able to adjust to my size after a time. I'd say it averaged about 6-10 sessions before they started to become comfortable with it. Eventually they all came to enjoy being filled by my meat.

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