I Have Come To Realize A Great Understanding  

rm_InkedNate 34M
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5/11/2006 7:36 pm
I Have Come To Realize A Great Understanding

I have come to realize the women are impossible to understand. I am sorry but to all the women out there you just don't seem to make anysense, well at least from my experiences that is. I mean I might just be the crazy one, or maybe I'm just dealing with all the physco's.

I was talking to my ex yesterday, and she was all pissy with me, just being a giant pain in my ass to say the least and I accidently let something slip to sound that I am sorta seeing someone. So then today she calls me up and she's all caring, and smiles, and talking to me about stuff she never does, and it's seems that it's just because she wants what she can't have. That apparently I'm still supposed to be hers while she has been seeing other people. I haven't seen anyone since we split and she was out there right away. So for me I just find it confusing as hell.

I just don't understand how women think, or why they do the things they do. So if there is anyone out there that want to share there words of wisdom with me and let me know how the hell you work, and how you think, be my guest. It might make my life easier and anyone elses who reads this.

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