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3/19/2006 4:23 pm

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3/26/2006 7:48 am

who am I

Well if you looked at my profile then you will see my age, gender, wants and desires. but that is not all of me.

Until recently I was busy raising my son who no longer lives with me. So when he moved out and I had the freedom I wanted I realized that I lost my life some where along the way. I also began to realize how much I missed the touch and feeling of a woman. now not being the best pickup guy and not liking the bar scene I thought I would give this on line thing a try. I also decide to be very open and honest of what I want. that of course is sex, but if I should happen to meet someone here that sex is not there but friendship is then I could live with that. Who knows. the one thing I have found so far is some of you girls say you want this or that but when it comes time to chat or meet you seem to change. So for those of you if we cross paths I am sorry, I am here for good clean fun in bed, or out. if you just want a relationship meaning friends tell me that I never have enough friends. If you like my honesty than let me know I am not judgmental. thats all for now

rm_cassandraj 53F
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3/24/2006 6:07 am

Dear Very Needy
I have also raised a son and three daughters on my own and while some of them have left the nest, most of them have come back home to roost - for how long I don't know.
I'm with you though. I get lonely for adult company, I need to be with people of my own age, and when you have raised the child to adult hood and they have moved on, you are left at home, alone, friendless.
I crave friendship so much. I want to be with people my own age. I want to go to a pub or bar or nightclub and sit with like minded adults and chat about anything or nothing, shoot the breeze or play some pool.
Sex is such a small part of my life (like it is non-existent) - the thing that I crave is some company, friendship, camaraderie.
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