Phones are for kids!  

rm_Indybrownie 33M
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8/25/2006 8:02 pm
Phones are for kids!

I have a phone, yes I do go figure.
On my phone I have many a phone numbers. Most of them are of pro wreslters. Many on the indy level and a couple on the WWE Level (Davari, Ken Kennedy, Brock Lesner, Shelton Benjemin, ect.). I also have chicks numbers! how do I aquire these numbers, well I'll tell you.

Drink has played a major part in this process. Is this because I hit on drunk chicks, no. Its cuz they give me their numbers! Go figure. I got 4 numbers from women at the yearly concert in Walker, MN. Moondance Jam baby! WHOO! I hooked up with 4 women this past year. All of them over the age of 40! Saddly, I didn't get any action, but alot of boob action. Ah flashing, who doesn't love it! I also had to whip out my dinger for a couple pics as well. I got beads for it too! WHOO! go me for geting plastic beads.
So there is my info on getting chicks numbers.. go for drunk chicks and wait till they give it to you.


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