Pancakes and Cheap Vodka: A Primer  

rm_Incandenza79 37M
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8/2/2005 1:07 am

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4/18/2006 10:32 pm

Pancakes and Cheap Vodka: A Primer

Alright, this is the man formerly known as Dangerphil. Dangerphil, in his first two weeks on AdultFriendFinder, wrote some dirty stories, met some dirty people and asked some dirty questions. I got it out of my system.

Sex isn't dirty. Sex is something downright pleasant.

Plus, Dangerphil got hammered a couple of times and wrote some pretty dubious crap in many half-baked attempts to appear as if he was taking it to "the next level." I'm not guaranteeing Mr. Incandenza won't do that, but he'll keep it on the blog where he can promptly delete it the next morning. Not on, say, the Magazine advice board, where literally hundreds of viewers can (and did!) weigh in with their disapproval.

Decided to go back to the penis shot. My other photo was a face shot of me taken by a professional photographer when I was "in the business" in NYC. No, really, I was a model for several minutes. I represented the "pasty, hungover hipster chic" that was trendy for, well, several hours in the Village. A nice shot, but then I took a look and noticed that people from my school were looking at the blog and I realized: do I want people that may potentially know me on here reading my lewd stories and looking at my fully engorged penis? No way!

Well, to hell with it, people. I changed my mind. It's either my face or a picture of my breakfast. And nobody wants to look at a profile of somebody's breakfast.

By the way, the first woman to respond to me that knows what novel my handle refers to will get a free Malibu chicken dinner at Sizzler. First come, first serve ladies... get on it! But you'll have to pick me up because I don't have a car. And I'm not paying for drinks or anything. These credit card bills are a major drag...

I'll make you a mixed cd with a lot of Washington DC punk on it, though. And some Gang of Four.

Wow, I love the music. I think I'm addicted to making mixtapes... apparently, a mix I made in NYC was copied and made it to UW in Washington, and then was copied and is floating around Brazil right now. It was a great mix, though. Unforgettable... when you segue Bright Eyes to Radiohead to Clinic to Outkast to Fountains of Wayne with nary an awkward moment, you've done a special thing.

Thank you, fans.

You're too much.


honey_n_blood 31F

8/2/2005 11:21 am

Isn't it funny how when we first start we have the urge to change who we are? It is also hard to find someone who doesn't write about their sexual fantasies...all the time, or the so 'night' they had sleeping with someone. Sorry I don't know where your handle came from though I am interested to find out.
But yeah thought I'd stop by your blog and make a compliment and a comment. You are the first person so far...that I have found...that is not all about sex sex sex's good...but not all the time...oh well...
I hope when you read this you have a great day.

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