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8/5/2005 2:13 am

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Late night, no responsibilities tomorrow, so I'm drinking vodka and seltzer and feeding my current addiction for 1980's Washington, DC punk music. That stuff is serious. Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Flag... fun fun fun.

After several attempts to have an offensive profile, I decided to go back to my old "let's go deeper..." profile. I totally caved. Thinking about it, it was rather pointless to be on a "sex & swingers personals site" and spend half of my profile ripping on the Republican party.

But somebody needs to do it. If I were you, I'd check out the latest issue of Harper's magazine. A lot of nasty stuff went on in Ohio during the last election.

It's funny how the Republicans have managed to somehow align greed and materialism with Jesus. It boggles the mind.

I've just completed the brand-new volume 5 of my mixtape series. Three months in the making. I've found the final two songs. I put on my iPod today and switched to this old Arcade Fire song, "No Cars Go," and it gave me goosebumps. Music, I'm telling you. It drives me crazy.

I also had to put that Killers song "Indie Rock 'n' Roll" on. Very cool song.

Making cool mixtapes is actually enough to get a man laid in some places. Not around here, I don't think.

The best jukebox on the face of the earth is in a bar in the East Village in Manhattan called Hi-Fi. I used to just hang out at that jukebox and put out tunes, and I've never had more success with women. Damn it, I love being a hipster.

Remember the Alamo.

H. Incandenza

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