gimmie a BREAK it my 1st time!!  

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1/1/2006 3:47 am

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gimmie a BREAK it my 1st time!!

well im a 1st timer and probally messed things up.. but i had already typed a nice little deal out tryed to add it in and poof all gone !!!!! argggh so from a nice 1st try i get to be like so many.. ANGRY!!! ok thats not me no sence in crying over spilled milk.. still though grrrrrr
i think i say alot about us in the profile so theres something about us... that and im in Iraq for the next 9 months.
NEW YEARS DAY.. bleh no hang over though being here.. and I got a NICE cam show from the wife last night, she even got a show herself.. I do anything for her(cept dishes, i hate dishes !!) when she wanted to play on cam I was there.. even if I felt silly. What makes watching someone else get off such a turn on? She does it for me knowing i love listening to her.. but why would she want to watch me? dunno .. she likes the show though.
anyway I had typed all kinds of good stuff about Iraq ect, not going into it all again but if you want to help a Soldier out i will be finding out where the guys seem to have it the worst and could reallly use some goood ole love from home.. well not that kinda love, BUT COOKIES GO ALONG WAY TO CHEER UP A TROOP.
I had posted a Question in last blog and think that it might make a good blog thing to do so Im gonna ask this time for Ladies to help me.....
Wife wants photos and other then profile PIC i have no idea what to do, Ive never posed before.. any suggestions? other then removing my Smiley, I am game for Ideas. thanks all

Cherish1960 56F

5/6/2006 3:29 am

I Have 1 Questions... Where do I send the cookies and how many ya want fellas? LOL

Could I send you anything else?

{{{{{{{{{{{I Love My Military! }}}}}}}}}}}}}}

;;;soft kisses;;;

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