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6/27/2006 7:06 pm
speculative fiction

He heard the clang of her key chains and his dick woke up. Involuntarily his pants tightened and he knew it. Hot fierce electricity surged through his veins, igniting his stomach and supercharging all of his synapses. Primal signals spouted off from deep within his DNA. That Cro-Magnon urge. The Original Sin. The need, want, and desire, to fuck. An inner shiver passed over him from deep within his subconscious mind.

“Morning,” she said, smiling and taking her sun glasses off.

“Mornin’,” he said back, trying to be nonchalant but coming off obvious.

She walked past the desk and opened the door to the stairs. He hurried behind her. She was already a few steps up, her ass right at eye level. The tight form fitting pants seemed to melt into her. His dick throbbed with each step while watching her move. And she too throbbed with each step, knowing he was watching.

It was a game of cat and mouse but which was the hunter? and which was the hunted?

Each made it up the stairs, past a line of waiting patrons and into the work room. They remained silent until they were in the relative safety of the kitchen. Both faces were a bit flushed, just each others energy and presence was turning the other on.

He was almost a foot taller than she was and he loomed over her. He could literally pick her up into his arms and squeeze her like a rag-doll. The idea made her moist; loosing total control, playing the object, 'personal playground' she called it.

She breathed in to say something but his lips cut her off. Their mouths became a battlefield, their tongues, gladiators. He grabbed her hand hard, narrowly balanced on the scales of agony and ecstasy. The kiss was released, but she lingered for a second, his bottom lip between her nibbling teeth.

He glanced at the clock. 11:45. Fifteen minutes until anyone would come looking for them. He thought for a second, looking at the kitchen table. No. Someone would hear them. They couldn't go back out, it would take too much time. Thats when he remembered the bathroom and its heavy oak door, sturdy and soundproof.

She followed his gestures and moved out of the kitchen with him. They pushed open the door and slipped inside. There was a heavy exhale as the door slid closed and a loud click. They were alone and safe, ready for the real fun to begin.

to be continued...

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