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8/12/2005 12:07 pm

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If you're looking for something sexual; this isn't it.

Have we gone too far in trying to protect our privacy? Or have we let our elected politicians give the wrong people access to our lives?

Let's take this example. You're in an automobile accident out-of-state. You're severely injured and taken to the hospital emergency room unconscious. The doctors want to give you the best possible care, but they are reluctant to do "everything" possible, because they don't know your medical history. What medications are you on, are you allergic to anything, do you have any metal in your body that would rule out a MRI. I think you get the idea. The best they can do is have someone start calling your home, and if no one answers the hospitals in your home city to find out if there is a record for you.

Meanwhile, down in the hospital business office they obtained you name, social security number, and health insurance company from the cards in your wallet. Their call to the insurance company is able to ascertain how much of your care in the hospital is covered. A credit check is then run to see if you're capable of paying the balance of your bill. The hospital knows all the really good and bad things about your credit for the past ten years, but very little about how the treatment you are about to receive will effect your life.

Now there are laws against sharing your medical information without your consent. And there are also laws allowing creditors and credit reporting companies to collect information about you without your consent.

There are companies that are building medical record data bases. Doctors and hospitals would be allowed to view your information if you are their patient. The doctors and hospitals would have to pay a user fee to the database, and you would have to pay a fee to be included in the database. In other words, the cost and burden of having your medical information available in an emergency is your's to bear.

The credit reporting companies also charge a user's fee, which allows creditors to check your financial records, and add information to them. You also can check your personal credit report, for a fee, to see if there are any errors that effect your credit. If there are errors, the ball is in your court to get the errors removed. In other words, the cost and burden of correcting a creditor's error in your financial report is your's to bear.

Not all of this is f**ked up, but something sure ain't right. What do you think?

MeowCurious2 64F
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8/13/2005 5:15 am

Great blog, Imp!

What a conundrum. Equally as frightening is what’s been going on for many years without our knowledge. How ‘bout those “preferred customer” cards our neighborhood grocery stores are so kind to provide for us? How thoughtful of them to give us special deals by using our cards every time we shop. How much data do they really collect and to whom do they sell it???

Goodness… will my dentist and cardiologist be able to access my grocery receipts too someday?? Do they know I have a sweet tooth? Do the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Froot Loops, and Cadburry bars give me away? Will they catch on that I suffer from multiple personality disorder because I also buy dietary supplements during the same shopping trip as the sweets? Will anyone notice that I haven’t bought toothpaste or dental floss in a year? Well ok, maybe my ex-girlfriend might have noticed if she stuck around long enough. Will my boss know that I consumed an entire case of beer during a Monday night football game? I know I said I gave up smoking but now and again but… you know.

Heaven forbid anyone finds out I bought Vagisil for that pesky itch! What would Mama say if she knew I used Anal-Eaze by the 55 gal. drum? Does my Catholic priest know that I use birth control? How does one sell 3 gross of condoms on the Internet? Will he still absolve me when I make my act of contrition?

It appears that the days of privacy, as we knew it, are over. I shudder to think how my privates might be invaded in the future. <g>


eroticneurotic 46M

8/25/2005 12:59 pm

Meow, I'm sure you would shudder when your privates are "invaded", or at least I would hope so, lol

Imp., I'm feelin' ya on this one bro. Before you know it, Big Brother will have us all processed and bar coded. Not me though, I'd rather die than be so controlled. Like they say, Liberty or Death, right? I do everything I can to keep my privacy just that, private. I don't give out info to anyone I don't absolutely have to, I keep my phone number unlisted and I never use my physical address for anything, I always use a P.O. Box. Those are just starters. I't friggin' sad that we have to go through so much covert shit just so every Tom, Dick and Harry won't know our life/credit/medical/sexual history. This is America, land of the free and home of the nosey. EN

MeowCurious2 64F
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9/3/2005 4:27 am

Ya got it, EN

..... thought it mighta been lost.

MadiCowx 30F

9/12/2005 11:53 pm

Privacy is a work with no meaning anymore, kinda like respect. ::chuckle:: Jeeze EN paranoid eh? Watch that show Prison Break, a bit scary ho wmuch impact the Governmnet REALLY does have on the little man in the world...


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