rm_Imavirgin07 29F
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1/12/2006 10:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Okay i woder why it's so hard to find someone for me ... how do i know that he really wants me and not just to take my V. I feel so crazy and cofused

rm_TWG619 29M
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1/12/2006 11:15 pm

Hi Im a virgin too and have 2 say u should take ur time I mean Im a guy so its hard not to go all the way but im feeling it biulding up but anyways u cant really tell if he just wants to hit it and bounce spo u have to truely trust him 100 percent so u know he'll be there in the morning well those are my words of advise hope they help u any other questions heres my email AdultFriendFinder

eggy58 59M

1/13/2006 1:29 am

Hunny take it from me, there is pletty of time. Don't rush. Take the plung when it is right for you. Keep it speacial as you are.

Darkest2002 32M

1/17/2006 11:08 pm

Imavirgin07, this isn't the site for you, you want your first to be something special. I know you know a friend or something you know for a long time and your cool, your talk and everything that a person for you. Your first is teh one youe alway remember. If you do you this site find some you can hold a conversation with in and out the bedroom. I hope this help you. Bye!

rm_auberon001 41M
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2/4/2006 6:28 pm

You ask, "how do i know that he really wants me and not just to take my V?"
ANSWER: If he is on this site, he just wants to take your V.
If you want to meet another kind of guy and can't find one at VCU, use a standard dating site.

freddy000000005 30M
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4/24/2006 1:08 am

plz fuck me ill eat u out

SpAzTiKeNiGmA 34M
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11/15/2006 1:21 am

First of all, you shouldn't say that you're a virgin. Eventually, that'll come up between you & whoever you become close to and decide to disclose that to. If your goal is to lose your virginity, I would love to be your man. But if you want it done right, you should really look for a relationship and she where things go from there.

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