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9/7/2005 3:01 pm

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With all the talk about squirting, I just had to share my experience with the subject.
When it first happened I was sure she was pissing all over me, except it was clear and had no distinctive odor. Aside from the fact that it came from her vagina like the waters of a fireman's hose, there would be nothing to tell.
When talking about such matters with women I knew at the time (mid eighties) I was convinced that I was pissed on.
So me being the doubting Thomas that I can be when something seems to out of the ordinary to be true, thought it best to further examine all the possibilities.
The very next time me and my female friend (the squirter) were making love and we were climaxing I felt a forceful gush from her vagina, which soaked both of us as though a hydrant had been turned on our sex organs. It was at this time that she confessed to being a squirter. Till now I had never herd of such a thing and in my wildest dreams would not have thought that I would be privileged to it first hand.
Let me tell you from that moment on I never doubted the squirting pussy stories again.......

And to this I would like to add, if any of you men are ever privileged to find or be capable of making your sex partner squirt, bring plenty of thick towels......You'll need them

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