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12/29/2005 12:45 pm

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The Hitchhiker...

It was a long haul driving down from the camp I had been subdued in for over 60 days. In a beautiful mountaineous scenery, that of which kept me sane for the time I was there, dreading to go back after 2 weeks "oh well" , the money is worth every night of sleeplessness, all the much closer to retirement.

I was heading south down the Alaska highway, a beautiful scenic drive although long but gorgeous, the sun begginning to peak over the mountains and the few poplars and birch with in the overwhelming pines and spruce added a decorative twinkle with the summer dew glistening off the leaves. I was getting closer to the hot springs that in so much have a history aged back to the gold rush years.

It was becoming a routine stop for me every trip home from this job so far this would be stop #5. Pulling into the parking lot still in the late hours of the morning, the mist still glooming over the hot water and thick over the springs. Getting out of my truck grabbing my bag with my trunks, my towel and a few other doo dads needed for any hot springs. In my flip flops I began to stroll towards the path that led to the hot springs I have grown to love, yet hate because its so far away from where I reside.
Walking across the fog , over the wooden path that floats on the hot water, I get close to the most wonderful spa a man can encounter and there in the hot mist sprawling across the cleansing pool was a burnette , my heart paused thinking to my self" and its only her and I here this early"...To BE continued

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