I had a dream part 3  

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12/6/2005 2:49 pm

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I had a dream part 3

*NOTE*..READ PART 1 & 2...as she begins to breath deeply....I pull her hands behind her head with my flexing arm and she moans as I slide a finger inside her quivering flower. Doing so, she lunges forward and bites my neck. Deeper I go pulsating now with two fingers, in and out with that soft ease of drenchedness.

Engulfing the mink blanket below her heart shaped ass, her pheromones scenting the air as my nostrils flare in lust and passion,the heart begins to roar like a lions cry of conquest, giving my head a quick jerk, she releases my neck, looking back into her blue eyes, glowing as the fire reflects off them and into mine, I bite her soft lower lip and she gives out another moan, "oh I wanna feel you, f*ck me, f*ck me". the sound of her sprawling voice makes me anger in a blood rush of adrelin, flipping her to her stomach and letting go of her arms,in one solid motion I prop her ass up and place a pillow under her stomach, her the while gyrating her hips as my tongue slides down her left cheek and to the centre where her clit begins to quiver.

I plunge my tongue in and out,spread like a blooming flower, a taste so explicit, my cock begins to achingly throb......SEE YOU IN PART 4

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