I had a dream part 10...  

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12/24/2005 8:28 pm

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I had a dream part 10...

Read part 9.....as my pelvis weaved up and down side to side the opposite of hers , we were in motion that of an amusement ride in perfect sinc."oh damn you feel so fucking good" as the sweat profously started to drip off her body onto mine.

I could sense the stinging sensation in my ankles that were tied to the bottom posts, although a faint pain I loved it. My wrist was where I could feel the warm drip excrete down my forearm; but I didnt care the pain was all the while worth every moment. Slithering together in an abyss of passion I broke my other wrist free from the cuff point , "shit honey look what you make me do"..(she tied it to a decorative awl in the middle of the head board).. In that notion I took full advantage of it and leaned up to greet her intesified grind, to take her lips to mine , wrapping my arms around her back holding her tight glistening in oil and sweat, and 2 pair s of handcuffs gleaming in the fire light.

The room was invigorating and the smells driving our lust deeper into the places that are rarely touched in such giveness too anothers heartbeat. She slows down "Oh baby I dont want you to cum yet, but fuck I love the way you feel", kissing me harder, I push back with the same resistance. The wax peeling of my torso and abs like gift wrap on a present, leaning she unties my ankles and unleashes the beast shes prodded into a sinful cloud of naked harmony. Tossing her to the side on my king size bed still penetrating her putting one leg over my shoulder; I cuff her to my one unlatched cuff and put that arm over her head..putting my other down between her thighs timeing the thrusts, padding her hood with a frothy tempo.........Conclusion Part 11

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