I had a dream Part 9  

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12/23/2005 11:13 pm

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I had a dream Part 9

Read Part 8 ..as my tongue twinged in delight to each stroke lash ..I could feel her warm hands wrapped around my throb...pulling ever so smoothly up and down ..my loins beggining to churn as the factory fires up its cylinders. Putting her warm tentalizing tongue on my shaft she begins to lick side to side, hence pulling and pushing to her own delight" whincing " once in awhile as I taste her yet again with pleasure. Not noticing myself giving a lustful moan as she engulfs my love stick..like an overly thick milk shake through a narrow straw, I press my tongue deeper between her thighs, under my breath I mustle a sound that she can hear .."damn you taste good"...a smite "growl" whimpers from her full mouth , turning me on more. At each stroke of my head almost sucking the poison out of a snake bite ..I can sense a burning sensation at my wrist which is still cuffed to the bed post , looking over I can see a red ring forming around my wrist..."your naughty" I blurt...and she looks back at me with a sinful smile that I can greatly appreciate. With the sounds retorting from our voice boxes getting louder I can fell her quiver tighten up and begin to swell ..as myself my precum..."oh I know you can taste it" as she begins to gobble as though it was her last meal...she tilts her head back ..and takes her flower away from my starving mouth, and straddles on top of me even still wearing her heals...Looking at each other eye to eye pupils glossed over in passion and lust, she crams her tongue down my throat..putting my aching steed inside her soft flowing pussy......we both give a releiving sound and kiss eachother more aggressively. Her hips grinding with mine a push my pelvis up , elevating her body, by now I can feel the blood boiling with in my veins after all the anticipation..............Cont Part 10..

santaslittlp2000 35

12/24/2005 7:46 pm

Baby, your fucking hot.......Love your story the way you put detail into every little thing it keeps me needing to read more. Can't wait till the next one...

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