I had a dream Part 6  

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12/11/2005 6:34 pm

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I had a dream Part 6

Read Part 5...as she was riding me doggy , smirking and looking back, rolling her eyes and moaning , I could begin to feel my glands swell in my loins, "damn baby do you ever feel good " blurting it out drenched in sweat and oil. Sensuating with an impressed feeling of softness and clouds beneath me. As the sounds begin to louden as the pace intesifies, I reach behind my head grabbing for the two pair of handcuffs, looking at the angel upon my lap, gracefully tenderly extracting a strong hold with every lunge on my hard cock, I pull her aside cuffing her hands around the post in the middle of the room, placing her aggressively back onto the blanket with a pillow below her head I climb on top of her, and straddle her hips.. looking back into her eyes once again, she giving me that "oh yeah wait until my turn, I 'll show you look",but with a wink and a smile back, I could read her mind and she knew it too. Reaching under the pillow I pulled out a dark blue corrugated long shaped dildo and her eyes widened as I flashed it by her and flicked it on. Rubbing some lube onto the shaft of the dildo, with a soft hum , I slowly caress it over her glistened body , kissing her from the neck down to her thighs, zig zaggily, over its entirety, she looks again "oh you tease", just as she got to the last syllable. I began to slide the vibrating blue into her sobbing pussy, licking my lips as she licked hers. I began to rotate my wrist as I pushed it in and out, "oh god damn it where d you learn how to use that", with her moans and sweat pulverizing her trembling body, I couldnt resist the look on her face , I pulled her head towards mine with her hair and kissed her hard shoving my tongue into her mouth,"Ohhh yahhhh" whimpers heaving from her mouth. Going down looking her into her eyes she struggles, smiling, pushing the blue monster in and out licking her labiya at the same time, on and on I pressed , seeing her struggling attempts at grabbing with no prevail, I slow down as to tease all the more and stop so I can look at her eyes and her body with a smile, wishing yet once again moments like these whould last forever. With the flicker of the candles and the blaze of the fire still roaring on, I get up and grab a glass of champagne glancing away from her relentless body, so beautiful and sleek amongstthe orange glow of the cabin, ice chilled I take a sip and give her another kiss, and pouring it gently on her stomach, licking it off with my tongue.....unlocking the handcuffs ,still holding the soft humm of the vibrator in my hands she takes my hand with hers and plunges it back inside her once more pushing my head down with it, I kiss her pussy yet again, as she moans louder and louder as the gasps of air become quicker and shorter, she lets out a loud yell...."OHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS"......thrashing her hips and shaking like a leaf, plummeting her nails into the back of my neck pulling me up to her overheated body....CONT PART 7....

mysteriousangl77 53F

12/11/2005 9:28 pm

hmmmmmmmm......very very interesting ....indeed...**wink**

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