I had a dream Part 4  

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12/7/2005 3:29 pm

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I had a dream Part 4

READ PART 3 ..... I licked more vigourously,deeper in and out not wasting a drop of the ecstasy I had in my taste buds. With the fire blazing and the room hotter than ever I grasped the warm oil beside the mink blanket, squirting it onto her back; her almost jumping right out of my tongues reach, shivered and pulsed. Now here clit was beginning to swell even more and I could taste her juices flowing more elaborate than ever through the taste that was exuberating in my mouth. Washing my hands over her back and around her thighs to the inside, touching my lips and taking the taste, she almost jumps out of my lunging toungues reach , a loud perspiring moan echos through the room .."OOOOHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD F%CCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEE F%CCCCCCCKKKKK ME NOWWWWWWW", hesitantly I grab her thighs with both my hands and thrust my tongue in deeper, her back arching upward reaching back and grabbing my hair and pulling my face in smothering her sweating flower.
By now I had a precum begin to drip from my veined muscle....and in an intense scream, her grip loosened, and her body limped..."whispering God I want you sooooo baaaaadddd", I stopped and pulled myself up towards her relaxed body, still with one hand between her thighs slowly stroking and petting her saturated.....CONTINUED ON PART 5

rm_slipitinbb 59F

12/8/2005 7:27 pm

OMG>.. lol.. Baby.. You have me rivited.. waiting for more ..and more. Quite the imagination darlin'.. makes me want to be there.. Dont stop blogging.. whatever u do.. want more more more..
Byeeeeeee *J*

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