I had a Dream Part 7  

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12/13/2005 5:39 am

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I had a Dream Part 7

Read Part 6....as she pulled me up to kiss her, she bit my neck, and I growled in painful ecstacsy of her strike like that of a mountain cougar. Looking back into her eyes , she smiled with such a sparkle that my heart sent another signal to my brain , forcing another blood rush to my already throbbing flower feed. Coaxingly she takes my hand and grabs the champagne and a little black bag on our way up to the loft in the cabin. Going by noticing that the fire was still burning hot and the candles had yet to be even a 1/3 down smiling to myself as we went up the log steps. As she opened my french doors to my daunted, and scene set bedroom a lit with its own candles , strawberries n creme and some vanilla blending with the birch and aromatics of sex from downstairs, we pursued. With a four post canopy bed her throwing me on to the goose downed duve, six pillows, amidst the reflection of the candles on the window. All the while snowflakes melting to the pane like on lookers @ a store that just set out its new apparel for the season. She pours us a glass of champagne and we tip and cheers gladly not ever saying a word, just a comfortable silence. Then like a wild animal she jumps on top of me like her prey,thrashing the pillows to the sides and not noticing the soft manilla rope she has in her hand, placing mine to the top of the king size bed towards the head board, beginning to tie me up one limb at a time, before ending she kisses mylips with hers and whispers "I'll be right back", it seemed like hours but yet the candles only flickered twice as she entered into the room wearing high heals and some lace underwear...again...a blood rush signal was sent from my brain to my cock , hurting in anticipation thinking to myself "how I wasnt sure how much longer I could take this ,but this time I had no control over it either". Walking over her ass moving right to left like a model down a runway, heels clacking on the wood floor my heart began to up keep once again "damn honey you look good"........Part 8

rm_edmcutie 38F
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12/13/2005 7:47 am

mmmmmmm, I am lovin the storyline....

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