A Question Of Manners.  

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10/17/2005 4:20 am

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1/20/2008 3:53 am

A Question Of Manners.

Now, whilst I appreciate that there is a FAR higher percentage of men over women here, and the women receive LOADS of mails, I have a question.

Why is it that so many women on AdultFriendFinder fail to respond to mails with either a simple "Thanks, but No Thanks", or, easier still, by making a selection from the pull down Reply menu?

I'm not suggesting in response to mere viral spam mails containing illiterate, mispelt requests of the likes of "Hey babes. Wanna fuck wif me?" ... that's DEFINITELY NOT my style.

However, personally, I eschew mailing explicit one lines to all and sundry with a (F) after their handle,. If I see and read a profile that I like and strikes a chord, I will take the time to sit and pen a few witty lines, maybe with a little bit of innuendo thrown in and saying that I'd like to find out a wee bit more about them.

Maybe I'm just AdultFriendFinder's answer to Quasimodo!

rm_misswilma8 64F

1/10/2006 6:50 am

If women do not respond to their mail, you know for sure that they are not on this site for serious reasons and that they have no respect for the writer of this mail. Remember that women have lots of priviliges on this site for free. But I think when you carefully read a profile you can see if someone is true or fake.

perfectK 45F

11/21/2006 10:36 am

Dear A'dam
( i guess i will always call u like that )
Ussually when i read an email i also understand which kind of person wrote it.
In general guys who cant read profiles ( as they are standard members) assume that i am kind of easy going woman who landed on AdultFriendFinder just to search for someone to have sex.
1.And they write as they assume.Ussually is "hey i like your picture...care to have sex with me?
Now question.... why should i bother replaying?( even a woman want it they should have more cordiality and manners)
2.They might bother asking me about my details and things..
Ussualy i replay and in few emails exchanging i know how i am with that person.
As u saw from chat i am very direct and i dont make compromises with my reasons of being here on AdultFriendFinder
If they are silver or golden members i know for sure that they can see my profile.
1.In this case if i see in their emails that they did not read my profile and assume things, I DONT BOTTHER TO ANSWER AS THEY DIDN'T BOTHER TO READ MY PROFILE.
And i guess is a fair thing.
2.If they read my profile but they still assume things i replay and make it clear as it human mistake people to fall under confusions.
Ok My english can be also not so understandable.
3.If they read and got my point, i dont only replay but i also go to see further in their profiles and way of thinking.
No matter what is the result of emails exchaning this people are ussualy the only one i keep in touch on my msn.
And my list is short..Now u are on my list

This is not aplying for all women around as we are different and here for different reasons.

But could be that someone else think as me.

Cherryred58 57F

2/1/2008 8:34 am

I always reply to mail, when my allowance for being a standard member lets me.

To those that don't reply, I find it just down right rude. All it takes is......."Sorry, your not what I am looking for" eezy peezy.

But then you may get the rude mail back saying..........."Your Not All That Anyway Hunni" THEN you ignore it

CR xx

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