A cold winters evening  

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8/16/2006 8:04 pm

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A cold winters evening

the snow falls and keeps falling. inches become feet and the total is growing. in the distance a gray figure comes through the woods. lumbering in the drifts. as it emerges from the dense underbrush a human figure can be made out, but still too much snow to discern features. but she knows who it is and why he comes. she sets the kettle on and runs to her room to put something on. with arms heavy with wood he makes it to the porch, shivering off pounds of the white stuff, his hair is salt and pepper where it used to be dreamy black.

he kicks the door gently since his arms are full, she opens the door and stands there in a short pink nightie. the trim is of black lace and there is a spot in the middle That is cut out to show just the barest hint of cleavage. it is sheer enough that he can see her tightening nipples strain against the fabric under the cold wind that has blown through the open door. He comes in and strides across the room to the wood crib and kneels to lay in the wood. as he does so he feels gentle hands touch his neck and the warm touch of her breath on his cheek. he turns and they share a hello kiss.

once the wood is laid and the fire is refueled and roaring he strips off his heavy overcoat to expose a flannel shirt and jeans with accenting work boots to match. He looks like he just graduated from lumberjack camp. she gives him a huge steaming cup of hot chocolate and has one for herself as well. they sit on her couch for a long time just talking and sipping.

He finishes first and puts his cup on the table then takes hers and places it next to his. then he takes her up into his strong arms and kisses her deeply. they embrace for several minutes her feet dangling just off the floor. he scoops her up and lays her down on the big fluffy rug in front of the hearth. he lays there next to her and they continue their kissing long slow kisses that melt in their mouths and then are reborn with the next contact.

After some time she mentions how warm he must be and helps him off with his boots and shirt and ultimately his trousers. leaving him laying there in just his boxer briefs as defense against the elements. she slides down over him as if to keep him as toasty as he was before. he rolls her on her back and kisses her neck. then he makes a small trail of wet kisses down to her cleavage where he inhales her perfume and his hands go father south. he caresses her thighs and calves as he slides down past her nightie to her exposed legs.

small tender kisses he leaves from her toes to her inner thigh. slowly he makes his way up until he is face to face with her dark delta. he can smell the sweet musk of her excitement. she is moist with anticipation and he adds his own humid breath to the equation. he brushes his mustache across only the tips of her pubic hairs sending chills through her body.

slowly and with great care he kisses her nether lips gently they get puffy and part like a rose in spring. one by one the petals unfold and allow him closer and closer inside. he is drinking in her honey now and flicking his tongue slowly across her wet and juicy bits. she writhes under his ministrations until he arrives at the holy grail. taking it in his lips he tweaks and teases it at first and then with increasing pressure he strokes it and sends her into near cardiac arrest before she releases a loud and wonderful squeal.

They lay there sweaty and wet as they contemplate their next move.

More too cum.

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8/19/2006 10:45 am

wow very sensual story..is this your fantasy or just your thoughts on great sex...sorry to intrude was reading profiles and i nosed in take care hugs and nibbles Patty

Romance and seduction is in for 2011 !!!!!!!

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