Venting ......  

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10/3/2005 11:36 pm

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Venting ......

okay I think most of us hate our jobz and damned sumtimez i hate mine ..... whut ? cuz i wear a uniform and ya know i gotta be polite give you the right to be rude to me ? Me and all my co-workerz agree that we should have the right even at least once a year be able to tell our customerz off uzing vulgarity if necessary and get away with it .

I have no patience for peepz that ask stupid questionz or are just plain rude. Being that I am a straight forward very blunt honest straight forward person it iz SO hard not being able to say whut i want. For instance the clozed sign iz completely visible .... they walk up 2 the counter .... look right at it then at me and have the noyve to say " Are you closed? " well DUH i see hooked on phonicz sure az hell didn't work for you .... lmfao or when it'z not vizible ask me " Are you open? " again well DUH whut do YOU think ?

This one time I walked past this lady and she haz the NERVE to say " YO ! " Oh DAMN i couldn't help myself. I stopped looked her straight in the eyez and said "Yo? Whut'z up with this YO thing " and did the fingersnap and the gurlfriend thing .... hehe and she sayz " Well I don't know whut yer name iz " so I leaned on the table and growled " Well try asking whut the HELL do ya think we wear name tagz for ?"

When I wuz still a volunteer I once walked past this woman who had the NERVE to snap her fingerz at me and the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. I got her whut she wanted went to the back room and told the Director " Pat , if ya see me barking and growling at sumone don't worry about it " hehe but he told me i wuzn't allowed to. So about fifteen minutez later I wuz helping a customer who thank GOD iz a regular one when she snapped her fingerz at me again. *grinz* I couldn't help it it slipped out and said " DAMN I am NOT a fucking dog !! " then look at the cx and clapped my hand over my mouth. She startz laffing saying "Don't worry about it I don't blame ya."

BUT whut else pissez me off iz when they tell me how to do my job. ROFL if i didn't know how to do it do ya think the place I work at woulda hired me ? OR they repeat themselvez like I'm stupid and I will kinda give them the LOOK ~ and I've got very VERY dark brown eyez which my son swearz turn black when I'm pissed off and have been told by otherz cuz they're so dark they're evil looking ~ and growl literally " I heard you the furst time I'm not supid ya know "

Okay my business I deal mostly with the elderly peepz and WTF ever happened to saying "thank you". lmao when they don't I say very sarcastically " Your WELcome " and when they turn to look at me I just smile very sweetly.

WHUT i hate iz in the break open ticketz when they win big the last twenty or so will do the old bar trick and give them a ten and two fivez so they can tip if they want and hell NO but otherz have tipped me .... one lady wuz nice enuff to tip me a hundred buckz.

*grinz wickedly* okay I'm done now and am heading back to chat see y'all later

~wavez and vanishez in2 the night~

rm_xrayvsn 66M

4/10/2006 11:34 am

you are so very precious.... i wish happy life

rm_xrayvsn 66M

4/10/2006 11:40 am

i think you have sassy mind... i like.... wish we could make happy fight together.... (smile).... i wish you well.... you are unique.

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