An Introduction to ..... ME  

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8/10/2005 10:07 pm

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An Introduction to ..... ME

~ waving out from the monitor ~ hello all my friendz, prezent and future, my sis'z and yer all know who yer are and playmatez *winking and cupping my hand around my mouth whispering* and am still taking applicationz fer more *weg*

Well tiz a pleazure to be able to introduce myself to yer all. I joined AdultFriendFinder .... oh let'z see * scratching chin thoughtfully * about two yearz or so ago and have had a blast since I have. *shrugging* of course there have been bad momentz such az running into peepz that are ignorant or prejudicial but that'z the same az in real life so have just learnt to deal with it and move on to the next choice of prey .... I mean person .... hehe.

I fully admit that I'm a smartass and most of my friendz that I talk to regularly on here will agree with that. BUT I'd like to point out that it'z not done to b mean to anyone it'z to mostly help them relax and just BE themselvez instead of some made up personality or whut have yer just cuz they think the ladiez are gonna be impressed by whutever they cum up w/. LOL .... I've lost count how many timez many of us that have been on here for however long ferget whut it wuz like when we were the newbie in one of the roomz and no one would speak to yer or even acknowledge yer greeting. I for one try very hard not to do that and have made many great friendz that way both male and female ~ and most of thoze femalez I consider my AdultFriendFinder Family ~ sorta like the sex deprived Brady Bunch *weg* come over to the Dark Ssssside .... our family motto when we go recruiting for more family memberz .... we just kinda adopt yer when yer ain't lookin'so be warned. ROFLMFAO ~ my one sis dubbed us"The Kotex Mafia" and it'z kinda stuck with us ever since. Ladiez applicationz for joining are on the table by the door in the Lobby and so yer know we do have honorary male memberz also but it had to be earned * winkz *

Furst off a very shorter version of an intro iz my profile which , obviously , if yer reading this yer in my network and already did or whut have yer.

BUT whut'z not in there iz why peepz ask the dumbest questionz ~ weg ~ will give yer examplez and theze really alwayz make me laff. Hell if I could go ONE chat session without being asked some of them over and over I'd consider it another of my AdultFriendFinder Recordz. So, here are some of my favouritez .... not just to ME either but to other ladiez .... but don't worry guyz I know it doez work both wayz .... lemme finish * grinz *

Number one all time personal favourite ~ it'z when someone askz me WHUT do ILuv2Swallow. My reply ? ~ Look up in the left hand corner of the screen and see where it sayz "AdultFriendFinder Worldz Largest Sex and Swingerz Personal Site".... well then whut the HELL do yer THINK I luv to swallow ?? ~ or ~ If yer gotta ask yer shouldn't be on this site ~ ROFL

One guy asked me whut my handle meant so I told him to look carefully at the screen and read my handle out LOUD one syllable at a time and he should get it .

BUT my SECOND best personal iz when someone askz me a/s/l. ROFLMFAO ~ I can understand why they're asking fer age and location ~ hell I do it myself but asking me whut SEX with the F beside my handle ? * grinz * okay raize yer handz whoze dying to know whut this smartass'z response iz *shading my eyez with my hand and peering around the room * I see one.... two.....four..... oh okay will tell yer .

Word for word EXACTLY iz " Hun, even though the (F) beside my handle doez stand for (F)uckable it also standz for (F)emale so put 'em together and that'z the kind of sex I am * WEG * a (F)uckable (F)emale " ROFLMFAO ~ az yer can figure most men don't know how to respond to that but then I will apologize if they seem to get offended { which believe it or not on THIS site a lot of them do so am guessing THOZE onez really REALLY need to get laid even more so that I do )I don't MEAN to be a smartass I just IZ >>>> LOL

More examplez of me being me :

1. "What are yer wearing?"
~ clothez ~ BUT when I'm in a mood to be playful cuz I am horny my reply iz ~ a towel and NOTHING else ~

2. "Do yer Yahoo?"
~ hun, I can Yahoo and Yeehaw or yell anything yer want if yer that good az yer claiming to be ~

3. "Whut do yer look like?"
~ yer know, two armz, two handz, two eyez, two armz, two legz, female but just to make sure I just slipped a hand down my thongz ter see ~ POINT here * ROFLMFAO * I have noticed that when ANY female sayz she'z wearing a thong men seem to go into a feeding frenzy and talk about seeing major typoez .... grinz .... I get a mental picture of a stampede of men tripping over each other and their tonguez.

4. "Where yer from ?"
~ oh c'mon if yer still reading yer should know this one so let'z say it all together now ~ MY MOTHER .... LMAO

5. "Whut are yer looking for?"
~ groaning again a NO brainer ~ I'm on a SEX AND SWINGERZ PERSONALZ SITE ffz az my One would say .... LOL

Okay and whutever happened to originality ? I mean REALLY * snorting * SOME memberz prove the theory of "thinking with the wrong head" but women have been lead astray by their pussy too * WEFG * trust me I have lotza timez but try and find any other women besidez me that'll admit THAT and to the one'z that do ^5 sis'z sometimez equality can be a major blast to experiment around with .... hehe.

OH and have promised my good friendz I would regularly keep them up to date about wordz I make up az I go along. Hehe ~ to thoze interested the original Swallow to English Dictionary iz available on eBay .... thoze fuckerz have EVERYTHING on that site btw. LMAO

Okay fer now a VERY short recap of the one'z I've already uzed ~

1. chimbo = a combination of two wordz .... cheerleader and bimbo

2. confuzzled = confuzed and puzzled

3. confusticated = I uze it regularly but will hafter ask my buddy who I borrowed if from with hiz permission of course

4. Canuckian = well self explanatory to feller Canuckianz but to thoze that it doezn't iz my slang for Canadian .... ~ Are you a Canadian? Yup and luv drinking the stuff too ~

5. vanillian - now thiz one iz a variation with which I know my fellow BDSMerz will realize whut the ROOT word iz * weg * W/we call people that aren't into BDSM vanillaz .... hey W/we're better tasting since I've heard VANILLIANZ refer to O/our choice az a choc'late lifestyle choice ROFLMFAO

Okay and WHERE do some of theze peepz come up with their handlez? LMAO mine reflectz whut I LUV to do best * WEFG and applicationz are also on the table in the Lobby * and have seen some that make me wonder WHUT they were thinking of and the next thought after that iz "Do I REALLY wanna know?" Emphatically answer myself HELL NO ~~

Well, that'z all fer a start and to any who may have gotten pissed off or offended , my sincere apologiez but * sticking out my tongue * PFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT yer can't plz everyone and in the wordz of the infamous Popeye * WEFG * " I yam whut I yam"

Thankz fer takin' the time and will be writing lotz more in the future ~

Waving and vanishing out the door ~

StatuSedgyHairy 59M
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8/17/2005 7:13 pm

well you tell it like it is lady..."weg" lsdfrank

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