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11/16/2005 9:31 am

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So, I call to see where they're at. I tell her I'll have the wine chilled, candles lit, hot bath drawn and the meat ready. She says sounds great, can't wait and they'll be home in a coupla hours.....oops, it's her sister....she hands the phone over to my honey.

They're on their way home from the mountains from shopping for a week with all her sisters. She tells me she has the wine.

She calls me to let me know she'll be home in about 30 minutes. I already have the candles lit, the bath drawn, took a quick shower, shaved the vital parts and have two wine glasses out. I tell her to start rubbin it and she laughs with passion in her voice.

She arrives and we unload the car. She disappears into the bedroom and arrives back out in a pink satin slinky robe holding several selections of mountain wine. We put it on ice and decide to start on the already chilled bubbly first. When holding up the wine the robe opens up and reveals her naked body that adds to my already "rising" anticipation.

We slip into the hot mango-peach bubbly bath water and I start to wash and massage her, she feels so soft ! A few more glasses of bubbly and the soft moans begin, with her words of encouragement.

As we face each other, she reaches down and begins to stroke me ever so slowly, again with soft moans of excitement. I love it.....and lay back to enjoy the moment.

She mentions that we should take this to the bed and I, of course, agree. She lays on the bed and opens her legs to reveal that pink fantasy land that I love soooo much. As I slide the crown into her I close her legs, straddle her and begin a slow thrust in and out to rub that ever-so-wonderous area of a womans body that is meant for friction. Her moans are more erotic to me now. She speaks to me softly in terms of enjoyment and pulls me into her as she lifts her pelvis upward.

I begin to breathe my hot breath into her ear and ever so slightly lick her ear lobes. She grabs my buttocks and tenses her entire body as she moans more deeply. She comes with loud moans as her body relaxes a bit with tremors of excitement. We do this over and over five to six times (who's countin anyway). Each time I tell her "c'mon baby....squirt". She's out of breath and tells me that she doesn't know if she CAN come anymore.....and is ready for me to drive deep into her.

I part her legs and go deeper, slowly withdraw and begin again. I have to stop for a few seconds because I'm ready to explode myself.....but, I don't want to come yet....I'm enjoying this toooo much.

She wants me to come, grabs me and pulls me into her and starts writhing around telling me to slam her hard. I put my arms around her legs, push them towards her head and begin furious thrusts. I stop for a second or two and I can just feel the spasms coming from her love canal.

Again I begin the hard thrusts, the sweat is pouring off both of us right now. She's lovin it and her moans are getting louder. Again, she tenses up and grabs me tightly. I know she's coming again. She tell's me to come.....I pulled out and squirted my hot juice all the way up her onto the headboard and onto the wall.....what an explosion !

We layed there awhile trying to catch our breath and enjoy the moment.

The anticipation without her for a week grew from day to, what week does to ya without your woman.

scuse me while I go have a quick smoke will ya (smile on).

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