huge plateful  

rm_Hungrynow38 50M
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7/19/2006 4:05 am
huge plateful

well bugger me I'm back doing this again. Just came back from ten MAAAAAAAAAAAAGNIFICENT days in Tasmania, the only place to spend a winter holiday here in Oz. The scenery, the quality accomodation, the music, the hot chicks....! OK, the hot chicks are EVERYWHERE in Aust., but even on a freezing day in Hobart, they'll still dress for the looks rather than the weather....! God bless 'em! Actually went there for a music festival, to participate in rather than sit & listen to. Back to work again tomorrow, bugger. Seems that I may have done ok with some of the ladies if I'd said I was from Tas or even Victoria, instead, silly me was honest and replied SA. Otherwise, got on fine with them all and brought back a couple of email addresses, so ya never know.....! We must meet like this more often you know...! Cya

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