Are woman harder to get them men?  

rm_Humblepie12 36F
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2/28/2006 11:28 am

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3/26/2006 8:26 pm

Are woman harder to get them men?

When I fantasize about being with another woman it seems so perfect and natural. But in all reality I am very intimidated.Woman are more complex. Men are easy in my opinion. Maybe it's because I am used to men and I know what to do to impress them and please them. But when it comes to a woman I find my self trying so hard to impress and look and be my absolute best. Why am I so stressed about this? Should I be so nervous? ON the other hand I feel I would be a great lover to another woman because I am a woman and would know what she wants. But is that really true. Maybe I am just thinking too much about it

elysianpleasure 47M

2/28/2006 7:24 pm

I have no idea... but if all the bi females who start blogs asking where all the bi-females would find one another... there would be many happy bi-females.

Welcome... good luck in you quest. Elysian

MONA_14 29F

3/4/2006 2:43 pm

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