Two many choices -- Part I  

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11/16/2005 9:59 pm

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Two many choices -- Part I

Way back in the day, when it was the 80's, it was pretty easy, and socialy acceptable to "get around". At least that's what we called it back then. One evening as I was headed back to my dorm from a night of bar-hopping, I ran into a friend of a friend and another girl I had seen around campus. This friend of a friend, Sasha, was supposed to be all serious about getting married later that year, but something was up if she was hanging out with this other girl that night. Mia, was a very attractive young woman, but everyone assumed her to be more interested in other girls.

Anyway, after a few minutes of talking, asked me to come up to her room with Mia. There was something in her tone and the way she was looking at me that said she was not sure of what she was getting into with Mia, so I decided to be the gentleman for a change and take her up on the invite.

Once upstairs, we put on some tunes and opened up a few beers each. After a while, while Mia was laying back on the sofa, Sasha made some excuse to start turning off lights. Before I knew what was going on, she had most of them turned off and was breaking out a hash-pipe. We passed it around a couple of times and even did a couple of shotgun kisses where I would inhale from the pipe and then exhale the smoke to them as we kissed. I looked over at Mia and she just smiled with an all-knowing smile of a woman about to get some. She put her hand on my shoulder and then and slowly drew her fingernails up and down the back of my neck and said, "Don't worry, I bite". From the other side of me I heard Sasha softly laughing and saying, "She sure does".

Part II to follow

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